• Yes, they should just as much as Jewish boys wear their caps.
  • Of course they should be allowed. Religious freedom is a thing that matters a lot!
  • Yes, they should be allowed to wear the hijab when they're going to school. Requiring them not to accomplishes nothing except to embarrass them and make the rest of us look insensitive and cruel. The flip side of this is that I expect them (and their brothers and their fathers) to recognize that my mother, and my sister, and my nieces are not part of the same tradition. I'm happy, and actually enthusiastic, about supporting Islamic women's right to cover if they choose to do so. But I've only got so much time. The instant that I see my female relatives being criticized or insulted for not covering -- well, I have to pick my battles, and in terms of priority I'll be sticking with my family.
  • Absolutely!
  • Though our country's motto is: 'E Pluribus Unum' (meaning: out of many. . . .one), I believe, "When in Rome. . . . . .do as the Romans do"! Just seems respectful of THAT particular country! If you DON'T like doing that. . . . .DON'T go to that country! Seems simple to me!
  • Depends one where the girl is staying.I don't see that happening in places like Afghanistan where education is considered vulgur for girls.
  • Of course. It's a religious thing. Religious rights should not be taken from anyone. Unless they go against the laws of the land of course.
  • Yes..I don't see why not..
  • Of course they should. It's not even a matter of being 'allowed', it's part of their religion.
  • Yes. If a young lady wants to be able to express her belief through what she wears she should feel free to!
  • This not even an issue. Of course they should if they are attending a public school. Private schools can make their own rules, but I hope they allow them also.
  • As long as at the same school children are allowed to pray to God, then it seems like respect of the people to me.
  • No. It would cause too much trouble.
  • These are the types of things I read about in the news that make me wonder whats been happening to this country for the past 30 odd years. This is a country made entirely of foreigners. Even us. And was meant as a home for those oppressed by their current governments and rulers. Recently we've lost sight of that. (and yes, I know blacks were oppressed and used as slaves early on, but it was never originally intended to be like that, and just the fact that an entire civil war occurred with equality for all human beings being a major point is proof of that.)
  • If the guys can't wear hats, neither can the girls. . Besides, it kinda unsanitary anyway. It would be harder for the teachers to detect head lice. .

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