• i think that they are good and help out with everyday life for the most part
  • im going to embrace new technology as much as i can. After all most of it is designed to help us.
  • I'll be fine with it. With rapid growth in technology, it helps to keep updated otherwise the world will leave you behind. Problem is, some people (mostly old people) can't seem to see the true purpose of technology to help man and tend to shy away from it. It's a shame really.
  • I love it. I am a gadget geek, much to my wife's dismay. :) The more the better. I have a house that is 50% controlled by gadgets! I love them.
  • Great, I will soon know how to work the remote on my satellite and some of the more advanced fearures on my phones. WOW then the world of technology is mine to embrace
  • I absolutely love it. The more electronic gadgets, the better. I couldn't live without my cell, PSP, iPod nano, or anything else that's electronic. Its a way of life, it makes everything go smoother in the world. Electronic gadgets(especially portable ones) help enhance communication around the whole world. It lets countries communicate with each other and they help spread important news very fast. It makes the world a much smaller place, which is good.

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