• Ruin your engine.
  • You would have to spend a lot of money having the whole engine and tank cleaned. Live and Hope it still works after that
  • Diesel motors are quite different to petrol engines, as the diesel combusts in the motor spontaneously, rather than needing spark plugs to ignite it. Thus I think it would not be at all healthy for your motor, but I am sure someone will be able to give you a more specific answer than me.
  • Well my car would run. VW Passat TDI... It's diesel. Oh and I was just thinking about it and I'm pretty sure its bad for 2 reasons. One my dad was telling me the difference and the way they go from being fuel to making your car go are completely different. (sorry not very specific but...) And 2 whenever I go to get my car filled up I get the weirdest looks from "The Truckers". Also if I pay inside they ALWAYS ask me if I know it's a diesel pump.
  • It wouldn't run. You would need to have the engine, fuel line and petrol tank completely cleaned out and any filters replaced. Your car would probably run after that - but it is not guaranteed!
  • I have personally seen an instance where diesel fuel was inadvertantly put into a gasoline powered welder (4 cyl. engine). It started to smoke profusely, then stalled. The diesel fuel was drained from the tank, gasoline put in, and after cranking engine for about 1 1/2 minutes, it started and ran fine. Diesel fuel will not ruin your engine. It will foul the plugs, and may cause trouble with modern fuel injection systems, requireing flushing, and purging of the system, but that's about it.
  • Please don't do this! (you didn't do it, did you?) Actually, it's a problem but not a disaster. With most cars, if you drain the fuel tank, put gasoline in it, change the fuel filter, get it running, run a bottle or two of fuel injector cleaner through the system, and change the fuel filter again, there will probably be no long-term harm. The main problem is that you usually do this late at night at a truck stop that's 40 miles from the nearest town with a competent mechanic. Keeping Cletus company until the tow truck driver (Cletus' cousin/brother-in-law) is usually an unnerving experience....;-D...
  • I accidentally did this to my Ford Expedition. I had an almost empty tank and thinking the 5 gal Red gas jug was gasoline, I filled up my truck. Well, shortly after starting up, the engine ran REAL rough and there was a ton of smoke. I thought I had a big problem but realized soon that Diesel was in the gas jug. I drove to the gas station down the street and immediately filled up the tank with 93 octane gas (usually, I put 87 regular). Thinking that Diesel is 40 Octane and Premium Gas is 93, I sought to increase the octane. It ran a lot better but the engine was still hesitating frequently. I proceeded to drive about 100 miles with overdrive off and high RPM to keep the engine running better. I filled up the tank again with 93 and everything was shortly back to normal. 10,000 miles later, everything is still good with the Expedition (now at 118,000mi)
  • Sure you MAY get it to run, but the engine, fuel pumps spark plugs, pistons, etc would need to be cleaned or replaced immediately.If not these components can deteriorate and cost you an entire engine...others words a whole lotta money for at 10 dollar mistake. Best bet syphon and dilute with unleaded as listed.
  • It cost me $181.00 to have my car flushed out. I only put in 2.5 gallons in an almost empty tank. What a costly dumb mistake. AAA had to tow my car to the dealership, my son had to drive 15 miles to pick me up. My husband had to drive those same 15 miles to pick up my car. I was sitting on empty, running late for work, and stopped in a gas station I never go to b/c it was on my way. I only stopped long enough to put in $5 worth, since it was diesel it cost $2.35 a gallon. What a nightmare!
  • the nozzle at the pump won't allow you to do it
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      Where do you live? I never heard of this.
    • 11stevo73
      the diesal pump nozzel is bigger than the unleaded pump and wont fit in the unleaded fuel tank, I assume its world wide.
  • It depends. I guess, regardless of what sort of engine you have, unless it's a Diesel cycle engine, it will cost you a lot of money. The typical Otto cycle engine will likely just stall and need to be drained and relubricated, but a Sergeant cycle engine might blow up. And you'll likely have to replace other fuel system elements, such as the fuel filter, maybe the fuel pump, etc. Don't do the inverse, either - regular into a Diesel engine is even worse. The engine could literally explode!

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