• It's hard to understand, and there's so much to remember. Still, I passed it with a C. +4
  • its hard!!!
  • I liked it, until one day I combined two chemicals that I should NOT have, and the teacher had to call the fire department. I was transferred to another class. With second-degree burns. +5
  • I didn't like it because it was boring. We didn't do anything but memorize that periodic table and bs. It was way too slack. But I guess thats good if everyone hates it. There must be a reason.
  • There is a lot of maths in it and tricky chemical names which are difficult to remember. You have to build up in blocks when you learn chemisty because without knowing the background behind something it will make no sense.
  • I liked it, it was easy and fun
  • The mysteries and the meaning behind what is being taught is hidden behind tons of meaningless facts that have to be memorized. Chemistry should be a blast (no pun intended) when what is actually being talked about is considered. I don't care about E=Mc squared, but I love discussing the Theory of Relativity. (I know this is physics, not chemistry, but I can't think of any chemistry that I ever paid attention to in class, I flunked because I didn't attend).
  • They do not like chemistry when it is taught strictly at an abstract level. When it is taught with practical applications, it may still be difficult for some because it is still science, but it will be more enjoyable and worth the effort for them.
  • Teachers make it overly complicated when they don't have to. I had one of those. She made it out to be some mystery that ONLY the "smart" kids could ever learn and anyone who didn't catch on from day one wasn't worth wasting her time with. As a result i hated it too (and her) until I began learning on my own and to this day i don't understand it near as much as i would like to, but at least I'm no longer filled with contempt for a shitty teacher.
  • Most likely because it is too hard for them. People tend not to like things that they can't do.
  • it was the valences for me. the plusses. the minuses. memorizing so many formulaes...for what good reason. H two Oh. okay.
  • I like chemistry, but that doesn't mean I don't think it is extremely difficult. I think it is the level of memorization involved. That always sucks.
  • For some of them, it is O2 hard and they end up in the O zone.
  • I LOVE CHEMISTRY! involving babes and sparkes lol. Other than that, i love chemistry cause i get to blow shit up all the time :D and i get to make acids :D o and lots of rednecks like chemistry. You know, they make meth and moonshine and all lol. Though you should never do a drug that involves rednecks and science LOL.
  • A lot of students are intimidated by it and although they enjoy the class they hate the subject.
  • It isn't for everyone. Chemistry books are educational not entertaining. Like anything else some people think it is easy and some don't.
  • Also, like anything else, chemistry isn't for everyone. Some people find certain concepts easier to grasp than others. Just because something isn't reader friendly doesn't mean it is too difficult, it just means that it may require time, patience, and lots of practice. I didn't design it but that is how it is. I am a horrible golfer but that doesn't mean it is too hard to do, just that I wasn't born with the talent to do it and haven't practiced it enough to develop it.

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