• Depends. It is easier to say emotional things through saying it but if i find it embarrassing then it is easier to say through typing or writing.
  • I think I am a better writer. I put more thought into what I write because I have more time and no pressure. When I speak, I feel more pressure to not waste another person's time. Then, I speak without having clear thoughts. So, I say things, I don't necessarily always agree with.
  • Typing for me!
  • I'm pretty fast on my feet. My problem is not typing fast enough to keep up with my thoughts.
  • I am a writer and typer rather than a speaker because I like to think a moment about how I can express myself best.
  • I feel better prepared through typing/writing. If I know my subject well, speaking is preferred.
  • Both equally.
  • I think I'm far more eloquent when I write because it allows me to take the time to be careful of which words I'll use.
  • Typing. My brain just works faster.
  • A little of both.. lucky for my mouth it works pretty good for more than just talking.. Come to think of it my fingers seem to be pretty good at others things too.. Words are easy either way. Expressing them can be a task at times though..It vastly depends on the subject we're discussing though. If it's nuclear physics or something like that then, BOY DO I FEEL LIKE A TOTAL DOLT! ;)
  • Typing... which is why writing in text is different than speaking to a person. You don't see their eyes, how their lips move, the way a person's lips curl up at the mouth at that hint of amusement. No, I can tell you right now that almost all online conflict is going to come from the total inability to read cues. The blindness to body language - which accounts for over 80% of communicating. Constantly talking isn't necessarily communicating, in any form. If you can't see a person's lip quiver upon sadness (something that melts me every time) or immediately correct a misspeak... these miscommunications perpetuate on and on... it's so frustrating. That being said, my words come different when I type versus when I speak. I am a writer, so my writerly impulse is to write a whole lot - which can water down meanings or even come across wrong. I am sincere, but again, tone can be very difficult if conversation is the purpose of the typed word. When I speak, the dimensionality comes out. You get such a more dynamic and sensitive character. Just how different the two forms are of putting words out there... it's amazing. It's no wonder it's a whole branch of psychology. I think I write better in terms of really putting thoughts into words. I think I speak better when those words need to be conveyed to others.
  • typing
  • Typing. A lot of people here will probably have this answer, as that is just what we do here. That's how we express ourselves.
  • Writing. I like the time to formulate an answer. It's never as good or effective verbally.
  • They come much easier through typing. When typing, i can express exactly what i want to say without anybody hearing me falter or stumble over my words.
  • yes its much easier to type and get everything out all at once and it improves my typing skills.
  • Definitely writing or typing. I like to think things out carefully and am not good at thinking on my feet.
  • I prefer writing as there's more time to think things through, before the words spill out all over myself.
  • Typing. Where thoughts flow easily for me.
  • Words come much easier to me in a one to one conversation, that is when i am at my most articulate. For some reason though, although i know exactly what i want to say, when it comes to typing, my mind goes completely blank. I have no idea why.
  • I find it very hard to say what I feel, wether speaking or typing
  • im the exact same way, i prefer to write rather than talk, especially when it comes to my boyfriend and our relationship, sometimes it is easier to talk things out through text message that way I will not mess up and say something I will regret, I actually have time to think before I speak.
  • I'd much rather talk to a person than try and type out what I want to say. So, I'd say easier through speaking.
  • Probably much to the chagrin of people who know me, I'm prolific in both areas. :)

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