• Be careful. Gambling should remain a recreational activity.
  • Watch out. I got hooked on on-line poker for a while. Did okay but some friends couldn't stop and got wiped out.
  • If this is the system of betting on Red/Black simultaneously and doubling your bet each time, then I tried it and yes it worked. The advice that I read said don't get too greedy because the casino will get onto you. I think I got too greedy and lost the lot very quickly.
  • Yes you can do that but don't be greedy.+4
  • If you have some spare money to throw away, sure. Don't bet the house on your "system." Others have tried and failed at attempts to win at roulette.
  • If it was so easy everyone would be doing exactly the same thing. casinos are notorious for changing rules as they go along especially online casinos. I played on an online casino once and the quit button just disappeared until I was broke. I should have just closed the window, but then again they probably would have said since i didn't officially log out that someone hacked my account and emptied it. People who run online gambling are right up there with people who run porn sites, underground pharmacies, probably murder for sites.. who knows. The point is don't trust the bastards unless you just have unlimited funds you can afford to lose. :p
  • Clarify plz..At a real Casino or at a online one?

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