• Yes I used to chain smoke, I stopped when Tony Blair put up the taxes I refused to give him any more tax.
  • I smoked 3 packs a day and I stopped cold turkey.
  • Yes, being in classes for Nursing I found out that basically every cigarette negatively affects every part of the body, not just lungs and heart. But everything else, from the growth of our nails to our eyesight. That was enough to scare me to quit cold turkey.
  • I smoked for 25 years. I quit 8 years ago using the patch. I quit cold turkey 9 times, but was never successful. I quit because I had trouble catching my breath.
  • I smoked for 32 years until March 20th of this year.....I have quit cold turkey since then and doing pretty darn good...though I have gained a few pounds...but what do I want...bad lungs or extra weight....hmmmmmm
  • i have 4 kids. each pregnancy i quit, but started back up again after their births, except my last one. i was already trying to quit when i found out i was pregnant and that was 2 yrs ago in may. i dont miss it at all.
  • Took my first puff when i was eleven and never smoked one again . I am now eighteen . I don't see myself smoking , ever . Congrats to all who quit and who are trying .
  • i only smoke if i am out drinking and someone offers one but i always carry my Zippo, i never buy them those things will kill you...+5.
  • Yes, I smoked from the age of twelve to the age sixty. I found I wasn't getting any satisfaction with what I could buy. I smoked pipes and burnt them out in a few weeks. Finally, thank God, I realised, if I kept up what I was doing my lungs would have to pack it in so I stopped.
  • started smoking at about 15.. im 46 and currently taking Champix to stop, so far so good :)
  • No, I never have. I tried it once when I was in high shcool but it didn't make any sense to me so I never took to it.
  • I smoked cigarettes from the time I was 16yrs. until two weeks before my fortieth birthday. I woke up one morning and my BODY didn't want them any more; much to the consternation of my MIND! As the day wore on, I found myself not wanting a cigarette still. Then the next day, and the next day, and the next day. . . .same thing. Weeks rolled on, months rolled on, years rolled on! Year after year after year! True story! I quit. . . . .without a conscious decision to do it at all! No effort or "patches" required!
  • I smoked when I was younger, about 1/2 a pack a day at most when I was very stressed. I was not physically addicted. But, it ended up giving me asthma like symptoms-very slight asthma that began during a bout of bronchitis. I quit because it was expensive and so was my inhaler! lol But, I wouldn't start up again. Now, I barely smoke at all. -Not even one cig a month. I quit by chewing gum-it was not a physically challenging obstacle, but more like a habit that I had to replace with something healthy.
  • I smoked half of one and then decided to quit. Haha! It was horrible!!!!
  • Yes, and I still do .. *puff*
  • I smoked half of a cigarette when i was 16 and it made me really ill ive never tried again and dont want to i cant even stand the smell.
  • I'm 14... So, no. And I'm not planning to. Don't need them.
  • I did, from about age 16 to 25. I quit because I felt that 25 was much too young an age to be experiencing chest pains. I quit by using the gum for a few days (which was vile) and shear will power. It's been 21 years and I am so glad I got rid of that nasty habit.

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