• I am not aware of it, but I get told about it alot. I talk with my hands...when im excited I jump, when I talk about a showing the size, and motions...lmao...BUT, I also know when I am not can see it all over my face. I cant hide when I am angry or upset, its not possible, people always say..."Jamey whats wrong?" I say huh?...there like you look crazy! So, good thing Im not mad that
  • I certainly am .... you convey what you are saying by your body language also to RE-ENFORCE what is being said ...
  • Generally I can feel if my hands are on my hips, or my arms are crossed, that I am in a defensive position, or one that is threatening. I also pay attention to other people's body language, it's something I found really interesting in psychology classes.
  • Yes. I know that in order to be understood, taken seriously, judged on my true character, and have someone look into my eyes (rather than at my chest), I must be perfectly aware of what my body is saying while my mouth is moving. :D
  • Yeah kinda. But I've been told befor that it's difrent when I'm flirting but I don't think about it so I really don't know what I'm doing. I only know in like everyday situations how I am reactting.
  • Extremely. . . . . . . .and it's deliberate!
  • When talking to people who I barely know, or my elders I make sure to have very good posture- but when I'm around friends or people I'm comfortable with I don't mind slouching or getting comfortable. Just the way I was raised I suppose. I'm one of the odd ones who still shakes hands upon first meeting and partings, and when I've received customer service at a store, bank, etc.
  • yes and im suck and tired of it
  • No not really- I would guess that one would pay attention to it so that it can be augmented to suit some need, which sounds like a dishonest and intentional misdirection to me Why not just let your body convey whatever it feels like conveying? I mean, when I see someone with a fake smile plastered on their face I feel sorry for them really- why do the same with one's entire body?
  • Yes I am. I'm also aware of the other person's body stop leaning!
  • yes. i have recently adopted a hand fling. no idea where i got it from. it has nothing to do with what i am talking about either.
  • I have to say that sometimes I am not aware of my body language but most of the time I am. I have been told it was creepy the way I can read other people's body language. They didn't like it at all.
  • Most of the time, i actually use it to convey how i am feeling, now i am sure there are times that i am not aware of it, i dont think anyone is aware of it always.
  • i am very aware of mine and theirs. body language sends out important clues. +5
  • Most of the time I believe that I am. But I do have a bad habit of letting my annoyance with certain people show more that I probably should. And sometimes I wonder if this is intentional!
  • Yes. I'm telling them to look down at the ground when I'm talking to them;)
  • Not at all. That might be why I have no friends
  • Sometimes, I am a person that uses my hands when I speak alot...I dont always notice it, but other people do. lol.... They think its funny. When I talk about how big something is, ill show it with my hands...or if im getting into a convo, ill act it out kinda...and when Im excited about something, I get excited with my body and am here and there and everywhere. Body language is a key thing in getting across the whole picture. It adds to effect, and it keeps the convo interesting. But lol, just do it naturally. If you try and do it, it will probably look funny. lol.
  • For the most part I am.
  • Actually no, and I never realized it until now. lol In a business setting yes. How strange.
  • sometimes my body language do the talking...
  • I talk with my hands a lot....whatever that means.
  • Yes, my facial expressions speak for me and I use my hands alot. :) +6
  • when I am comfortable around people and have a lot to say I forget about it however when I am nervous then I am aware of it.
  • I read somewhere that introverts make hand gestures towards themselves and extroverts move their hands towards others. Ever since, I find I become aware of my hand gestures halfway through a conversation and trying to reverse it leads to a confused dance of hand movements going every which way. I don't know why it embarrasses me that I'm introverted, it's not like anyone else is likely to be analysing what my hands are doing. Mostly they just think I'm Italian or deaf.

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