• No, there's no reasoning or reason behind it except that if the hypocrites keep telling themselves that not only does that make them feel better about themselves, superior and smug but, eventually, they'll believe their own lie
  • a juicy lie is often easier to believe than the boring truth, especially if that truth paints you in a bad light. Prison populations are overwhelmingly Christian.
  • I think it has to do with people thinking that since they don't believe in god, then they have any responsibility to live up to, and do whatever they want to do. Stereotyping! That sounds more like Anarchy than Atheist.
  • Some people think that in order to have morals or to be a good person you have to believe in God. That is wrong. I have met plenty of good athiest. I believe in God and I never thought that about athiests.
  • Religious types like those don't understand doing good for it's own sake, or because you believe it to be correct. They need a giant parent to tell them what to do, that's why they are refered to as sheep.
  • Because they have a veil of blindness over their heads selectively forgetting all of the evils throughout the past millenia carried out in the name of religion.
  • ....Cuz there ignorant. Theres alotta people out there who claim they know God, but expect him to forgive them when they do all the bad things they do. Thing is........Snot how it works. If they know God, they wouldnt do them to begin with. Theres bad and good people of all kinds.
  • An alibi for themselves?! ;-)
  • There is reasoning behind the claim but it is badly flawed. The argument generally runs as follows 1) Morality/Ethics come from religion 2) Atheists do not follow any religion 3) Ergo Atheists must have no morals or something to that effect. Of course this is bunkum. Firstly most people don't really get their morals from religion. They tend to pick and choose which bits of the religions teachings to follow. Now if this is the case, which I would strongly contest it is, there must be an external method of arbitration by which to measure the teachings of a religion against in order to asses whether one should adopt said teaching. Well if this is the case isn't it logical to assume that atheists would have this same arbitration method? Well then surely that is the source of our morality and not the religion? And so on. There are a huge number of ways to go about this argument. Sure some atheists are immoral; so are some theists. Boils down to the individual. However as a rule atheists are not more likely to commit a crime or act immorally than anyone else. Indeed it would appear that atheists are statistically less likely to do so however I wouldn't like to stress that too much. The more important point is that morality doesn't come from religion. Religion can include morality but that's not the same thing. Most religions have some good moral teachings. However they are not the source of these ideas, merely a delivery method. Regarding the drugs issue I think that is an issue all of its own. Are drug users immoral or similar? Different discussion entirely.
  • Cause they are less likely to care whereas a Christ minded person is more careful! 2Co 7:11 For behold this selfsame thing, that ye sorrowed after a godly sort, what carefulness it wrought in you, yea, what clearing of yourselves, yea, what indignation, yea, what fear, yea, what vehement desire, yea, what zeal, yea, what revenge! In all things ye have approved yourselves to be clear in this matter. God Bless!
  • In church they are told that not believing in God is a sin, so they believe that Atheists are sinners. I had one believer ask me "Don't you want to go to Heaven?" and when I explained to there there is no such thing, she was very upset.
  • The reasoning is the false comparisons analogy. They themselves were probably scum of the earth before they were 'saved'. Thus they equate anyone who chooses to not be addicted to their deity, as being on the same level of scumminess- willfully.
  • The fear of God can make people more obediant if they beleive in that Christian stuff. However obvious karma and wounded soul punishes the bad people anyway. The fear of hell though can be a great deterrant for criminals!
  • I will be completely honest. I used to do drugs irresponsibly, believing that God would protect me, since he is supposed to be all powerful and such. Drugs ended up biting me in the ass, big time. God never rescued me, in fact I had to rescue myself. So for me, I think that believing in the power of God made me more open to abusing drugs. If I had not believed in God, I know for a fact that I would have had a more responsible approach to using drugs. Now that I am Atheist, I do not do anything illegal, including drugs, except for the occasional pot. I am very responsible in my life choices, not doing anything that I cannot handle.
  • Just remind them that you are against pedophelia, as opposed to some priests :-)
  • It's called wishful thinking. Because if that were true, it would prove that church goers are better than non-church goers. Too bad it happens to be blatently false.
  • Because apparently free will naturally has a tendency towards evil, and only religion can counter that I mean, if you don't believe in god, what's to stop you from doing whatever you want, and why wouldn't "what you want" be drugs and crime? Fear of supernatural punishment in the afterlife is the only way to keep us in line it would seem I've never done drugs or committed any crime outside of minor traffic violations (okay, and the occasional online piracy, religious people do that too though! So it's a moot offense) and I'm in no hurry to start, and it's certainly not a daily struggle by any means. It's the misconception (by SOME) that morals and ethics can't be learned outside of religion that leads to that way of thinking

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