• Can you be spayed if you're in heat?
  • You can't spay a dog while it's in heat. You have to wait until it's done being in heat.
  • a dog should not be spayed in heat, she should be idealy spayed halfway between seasons. If she is spayed too close to a season she may suffer from false pregnancies and other symptoms as the hormones will still be her body and will continue to be produced
  • They can but Vets generally like to wait until her cervix is closed. as a spaying with an open cervix can cause possible complications and infections. It is much safer to wait.
  • I would not recommend it. I had a female border collie who died after being spayed while she was in heat.
  • its safer to wait until after her season has finished
  • As someone who is going thru complications from a spay while in heat, my advice is to WAIT!! There is a higher risk of additional bleeding. My dog is currently having a blood transfusion and will be in another surgery in a couple of hours, all from her spay 2 days ago. My total so far is well over $1000 - Waiting a few extra weeks/months can save hundreds of $$$$$ and more importantly, her life! Say a few prayers for Oz -- She needs 'em!
  • Yes you can. However, the surgical procedure is higher risk than the tradional spay on a female who is out of season. The most common reasons for increased surgical complexity are due to swollen, fragile tissues and the increased blood flow to the reproductive organs. The most significant surgical risk is potentially excessive blood loss. In addition, some dogs may be a little "flat" after the surgery due to the large hormone swing they may experience. For the above reasons, ideally, you should wait until a female's heat is over (approximately 1 month after it started) to have her spayed. If you are still considering having your dog spayed while she is in heat, I would recommend deferring to your veterinarian's preference. Some vets may increase the cost of the spay due to the additional time and anaesthesia required to complete the surgery due to the aforementioned complexities. Certain dog breeds who are prone to bleeding disorders such as Von Willenbrand's disease should never be spayed while in heat due to uncontrollable bleeding. It is absolutely NOT true that a female dog in heat can become pregnant for a short period after being spayed if she had both her ovaries and uterus removed. However, it is true that the female may still produce reproductive hormones and phermones in decreasing amounts for a time after surgery. As such, she should be kept away from any intact males. Flirtation and mounting behavior may result in injury to the female due to fresh surgical incisions and swollen tissues.

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