• If your lease doesn't specify the amount of notice to be given, it's generally seen as a month-to-month occupancy unless otherwise stated. (State laws vary, so check this.) Your landlord is entitled to the rent he would be out of by your giving short notice and his inability to fill the room because of the short notice. He can deduct that from your security deposit. If you two disagree on what amount that should be, you can seek mediation or looko into a small claims action.
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  • I'm pretty sure, since my rental property is IN CA...San Diego...that if YOU gave short notice, your landlord CAN ASK YOU TO PAY, the amount you have shorted them, according to your Rental Agreement. However, the usual procedure is that they INFORM YOU of the amount due first. You owe it, you want to keep things simple...PAY IT. If you do not pay it, they then may deduct it from your deposit. However...they must also give you any remaining funds of the deposit WITH an itemized list of any and all monies they have deducted and receipts for any materials or labor that might have been needed to cover their costs, if there were damages, or cleaning that needed to be done. If it is only for the shortage of rents due and owing for the remaining time, they would need to break down the costs showing what the pro-rated amount is for the exact number of days you were short changing them. In CA, the landlord has 21 days in which to provide this information and any remaining part of the deposit. However, just've already kinda screwed them up with a short notice...if they were counting on your rent, it may have created a hardship for them...exactly how much did you want to screw them over? If it simply wasn't working for either of you, why not just give a notice that complies with your rental agreement...?? If there were no real problems, but you happened to get a great opportunity that improves your quality of living, why cause pain for someone else, in the process of getting what you want that will be a positive benefit for you? Just a thought...

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