• I thought that is what they were doing. >_> That was a joke. Of bad taste, yes, but a joke. Hopefully nobody got it. Aw fuck it, downrate this, and good question, actually. :)
  • Yes, Britain could do the same
  • THe USA has the highest unemployment rate in history: we are sending jobs overseas: we have the highest homelessness rate ever and the highest poverty level ever and food is being sent overseas. I could go on and on. I most definitely think the US needs to take care of their own before worrying about other countries who won't give us the time of day
  • Yes, as we should have always... We can't fix our broken economy by spending hundreds of billions of dollars policing other nations of the world and creating MORE enemies.
  • Yes! They are looking to help other countries to stablish Democratic Systems and Democratic Governments; but they forget they OWN the oldest Colonies in the world (Puerto Rico, Guam, etc.)!! Where the people there can not vote for the President and do not have Voting participation in the Congress that make the decisions that rule their people... even though they send their people to the US wars every year since World War I.
  • Yes, and that doesn't go for just the US, I feel that all countries should fix themselves internally FIRST before volunteering to help others. Take care of yourself then help others out, just like they tell us as individuals to do.
  • It is trying to fix its own problems. It's securing its energy resources for the future at the same time as helping the economy by improving the arms market.
  • I think in a perfect world the USA should fix its own problems, but really if you think about it, isn't that what the politicians are doing? I think that the government is trying stabilize the economy or at least those jokers are making it look like they are doing something. When GW was in office I think this question was REALLY valid.
  • That would have worked perfectly during the world wars now wouldn't it have?

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