• Byahh!
  • when he was the blind and black member of the KKK. killed me.
  • I love all of the ones with Tyrone Biggums, the crack head. Especially the one where he is giving the speech to class of kids. "Drugs and alcoholllll... have ruined my life." I almost died when he started saying stuff like... Of course you know you could steal $10 out of your momma's purse, then catch the B train down to 5th and Main St, and look for a latino fella named Martinez- his stuff is the bomb!... but you don't have to. You can use everyday things all aruond you to get high... like those permanent markers in your desk.
  • I didn't watch it all that often... But, the one I found funny is the story Charlie Murphy told about playing basketball vs Prince, then losing horribly to Prince and his team and then Prince making them pancakes afterward.
  • i liked the 2 pac skit when everything was going on while he was singing the song.
  • Blackzilla. That's no snake honey. Click link to watch hilarious sketch.
  • I wanna piss on you
  • The first season when they were doing the sketch on STD's, that was the funniest thing i have EVER seen, telling kids about STD's, OMG the whole herpes singing the song "see you in hell mother Fuckers!" and the thing in the garbage can, oh and the crabs that whole episode was one of the most HILARIOUS things i have ever seen on a television
  • Someone could ask this question and not get Rick James in the response?! Blasphemy!
  • Fisticuffs
  • By far, Black Bush. "Oil? Who said anything about oil, b--ch, you cookin'?" Although, Mad Real World (the night vision), Reparations ("Kiss the rings, b--ch.") and the Racial Draft ("...the Asian delegation chooses the Wu Tang Clan.") were pretty good.

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