• Last year, climbing over a fence. No, I just washed it out and bandaged it myself (I love first aid).
  • I cut myself with a knife in my kitchen but I didn't need stitches.
  • Two years ago. Hernia surgery. About six inches. They used staples, not stitches. They took them out about three weeks later. They put some kind of net in my gut muscles. It took a while for the tissue to grow around it. I was off work for two months. If I had an office job, I could have gone back to work sooner. Anyway, it is fine now. Oh, don't ever try to lift something that weighs more than you do if you are over fifty. Call the twenty year old kid and tell him to get the other end and help lift it.
  • I was cut by the metallic rusted door three months back and no, i didn't get any stitches!
  • I was cut on this past wednesday. No stitches needed.
  • Last week while chopping onions....did not need stitches....
  • This past January. I fell and hit my head. Yes I needed stitches.
  • My hand was cut last year and had five stitches. +4
  • Wasn't long ago. I seem to cut my fingers and hands often, only had stiches twice in my life.
  • Cut on my finger from a jagged brick and it didn't need a stitch or even a band aid. +5
  • Sounds gross but my fiance a couple weeks ago jumped over my leg and onto the couch . His toe nail caught my knee ! I didn't need stitches , although , it was quite nasty .
  • Quite some years ago I pushed open a door that had a glass upper half and my hand went straight through the glass. I lived VERY close to the hospital at that time so wrapped something round the cut and headed for the hospital. I was the only one in casualty and was cleaned up then stitched up in record time. When I returned home another tenant had returned and had already cleaned up the broken glass and wiped up the blood. I was very fortunate to live so close to that hospital.
  • Feb 28 2020 surgery. They don't use stitches anymore. They used glue. It reopened. Couldn't move for about 3 days without great pain! Before that was when they put my port in. They took a knife to my jugular WHILE I WAS FULLY AWAKE! And I had to just lay there and be still! My blood ran back all in my hair. I used to have long hair before chemo. But its all good! We kicked cancer's butt in a big hurry! And now its just preventing the likelihood of recurrence. Everyone be sure to get your annual exams done. That's how they found my cancer early and beat it fast!
  • never had stitches from any accident

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