• excellent, concise.
  • Hope his words are more than
  • I haven't heard it. He has made so many "good-feely" speeches to so many lately, they are hard to follow. And I have been busy...working. Working a lot of keep up with inflation and higher taxes on the simplest things. Even my cheap beer is getting more expensive. Have they raised taxes on imported wines? Probably not. Now, they are going to raise taxes on foods with sugar in it,.. soft drinks will be taxed (?!) Salt is going to be taxed, if the new CDC head is to be believed. Corporations must now have their CEO's approved by the gov. Auto designs must now be approved by the federal government. Federal government will now "raid" companies that do not follow strict regs on food content, but employers of illegal aliens will not be in danger. Does anyone detect what I do? Big Brother has crawled out the sack, scratched under his arms and is strolling into the kitchen and telling everyone what they can and cannot eat, drink, or who they can hire to mow the lawn. And "big brother" has never hit a lick of work around the place in his life....
  • He gets high marks from me and from most of the world's people. The only naysayers are his own people..a small cabal of Americans who see everything he does as bad/shameful/unpatriotic/evil. The world they inhabit is cold, dark and is not the world the rest of us enjoy. :)
  • I like it. He is extending a hand of friendship to our Muslim brothers and sisters. It is great he intends to build bridges to bring people of the world together and not barriers to further divide them.
  • I think he is a good public speaker, but I think some of his expectations are a little too idealistic.
  • great speech!... very well thought out and hit all the right notes and the thing that really stood out was he meant it!, for once the world saw a U.S. president using his brains instead of sitting on it
  • Very positive, but he needs to put our money where his mouth is.
  • I think it will be better received by the world than his predecessor's "Bring it On!"
  • The Question isn't what do we think about it but what does God think about it.
  • He has gone overboard on the suck up and it is backfireing me thinks he tries to hard to appease, to what end? We as a people are not known to grovel. Need I say more. bring the dr's on blind ones!
  • I liked his subtle suggestions that fundamentalism in any form is a road to destruction. He seems to have the "speak softly but carry a big stick" thing down. I'm glad we finally have a president who know how to handle the world stage. It is sad that people are deriding him after only a few months in office when he has little actual control over the inherited state of the economy. I admit that his absolving the previous administration from responsibility for their immoral, illegal and irresponsible actions is disappointing. Considering that he has been tackling complicated domestic issues while also serving as a figurehead for the nation (rather than spending the majority of his first 100 days on holiday like SOME presidents)I would say that he seems to making progress, albeit slowly. His understanding of the diversity of culture in both the middle east and at home can help us drown out the shrill wing nuts who long only for destruction, disparity and strife. He is not perfect but its a decent start and I hope we can get to a stable place where we can start to make some decent progress as a culture again.
  • What speech? I haven't gotten over his travel itenerary to NYC.
  • A little too much ass kissing of Islam and a little too much pressure on Israel.
  • I don't like the man at all, anything he is saying is for effect only, his intentions are what I am concerned with. A lot of people just slurp up whatever he says, fools! Time will revisit your reactions this post, and you will know that he is not what you think he is.
  • Hi Karen Ann ... I didn't listen, but I can bet he did NOT say anything nice to protect Israel's rights.
  • Is it that we are afraid of muslim world? I hear someone saying it will save america? Is there a reason to appease muslims to save in this world?

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