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  • yes, sometimes even if you were with this person you feel like you really don't know this person at all wondering how did you even get there and what were you doing in there
  • Yes, I was married to a woman who could make anyone feel alone.
  • Yes..because we are 2000 miles away from each other.
  • More than anyone will ever know. YES!! And it sucks! +5
  • Totally and wondering what you did to end up there with that individual.
  • Well i feel alone, but i feel alone because though i'm married i am alone. Hubby is in the Uk, while i'm in America =/ It's hard, but i know i wont always be alone.
  • Yes, when I have not been able to communicate well in the relationship because my partner has not taken on board anything i have said and when he has been going out and turning his phone off and being away for a worryingly long time. When he has flirted with other men infront of me etc etc. (This is my ex im referring to).
  • Yes, that's why I am not in them anymore.
  • I never suffered that, even in my younger, more casual relationships...none of which ever ended badly. In fact, I remain close friends with three of them to this day. As for my current 36-year relationship, neither of us have ever felt "alone". We have never, ever grown tired or bored with being with each other. Truth be told, that fact has amazed me. +5

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