• I do not think so,but it is time for him to start keeping some of the promised he made before he became president,and not start changing them to placate the right of the spectrum,the Republicans.
  • Only when Colonel Sanders is running for president, and offers a free bucket of chicken.
  • Why? Is he really doing any worse damage than George did?
  • get rid of him
  • Awww ... that would be a dream come true to get him and his racist wife out of the Reagan's White House. You wait, screwing economy the way he does may possibly show him a way out. LOL
  • Hmmm... Wellll.... maybe...yeah...Yes.
  • For what crime or sin....for doing the right thing and actually trying to fulfill the wishes of the majority of the people? If success is impeachable - then by all means - impeach.
  • Leave it to a Republican to demand an impeachment for a Democratic President over nothing. Yet ignore the heinous acts of a Republican President.
  • No, it is not time. There is no reason to impeach President Obama.
  • On what grounds? We didn't impeach Bush for violation of International law, torture of prisoners, illegal wiretapping of American Citizens or misleading the nation about the threat from Iraq. What impeachable offense has Obabma committed?
  • Lots of right wingers do. Awww sour grapes make your face pucker up like a rectum.
  • Other then being in over his head and lack of any leadership skills, what would we impeach him for?
  • For the love of God, if Bush got 8 DAMN YEARS Obama needs at least 4. Seriously, this is crazy. If Dems/Librals wanted to impeach bush we would be burned at the stake for not being patriotic and licking his ass. But Republicans can want to secede from the union and want to impeach Obama? 2 faced people i swear. And if you D/R me, please have the guts to comment and tell me why.
  • 12/16 - A little late for that don't you think? I receive almost daily requests soliciting money to Impeach" or "try" Obama but honey not going to happen. He won so let him enjoy it until its over.
  • Obama is no longer the President of the United States. Does that mean he will turn into a peach?

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