• You got DRd what a surprise. I am not against Christians but I do have a problem with those who FORCE their beliefs on us..happens some on AB. Other than that I know some great Christians.
  • High pitched queefs?
  • The majority of nice christians that mind their own business, no. But I really don't know where to start on ultra conservative, hateful christians. They simply hate too much. Just the fact that we even have to consider letting gays marry is so mind numbingly stupid, it almost infuriates me.
  • Okay :) It only annoys me when a Christian won't have a logical discussion when they bring up the subject of God. I don't like blind faith, because we weren't born blind.
  • Nothing specific. Same as everyone else.
  • Too many of them have invented their own faith. They manipulate the Bible to believe what they want. The majority of those I've encountered tend to be fearful followers. They spoil it for those who are devoted to their faith but use common sense. Every Christian should read "Jesus Before Christianity", a book by Albert Nolan. Those who read it without trying to interpret it -- as so many do with the Bible -- they will discover that the real Jesus was not God disguised as some poor beggar, but rather a "middle class" man who invited those considered to be the dregs of society to his house as his friends. The message that he set forth was to love everyone... especially enemies and people you would otherwise despise or ignore.... Jesus' paradox about death is intriguing. He says that people who fear death are already dead while those who have learned to accept death are just beginning to live... And while the Church depicts Jesus as the Son of God; Jesus keeps telling us that he is the son of man.... So to answer your question: What really annoys be about Christians is how anyone can twist the loving words of their leader into their own malicious, selfish, and vengeful words and actions and yet be bold enough to carry the title as a follower of the one that they mock. It takes some balls and a warped mind to harbor such hatred against another human being but to do so in the name of someone who only preached love, is downright disgusting. Yes, that annoys me!
  • What bothers me most is that they claim to follow the word of "GOD" ; yet in HIS book he says to Judge NOT and so MANY of them judge others who are not like them; all of the time ... what Hypocrits !
  • Certain ones, that are so stuck in their ways that they will disown their own child for being gay, getting pregnant, or something.My opinion? If there is a God. He will love you NO MATTER WHAT. Or the teenagers who are all "God is awesome" but harass nerdy kids at school for not wearing Hollister clothes or having acne. Not very christianly of them, hm?
  • NO. There's nothing about Christians that annoys me. Unfortunately, most of the loudmouths who claim Christianity as their faith are anything but followers of Christ's teachings.
  • Yes. I find annoying that they get so huffy when they get treated the exact same way they treat everyone else.
  • Normally i wouldn't give you points for these questions but +4. and yeah. Hell, I'm a christian and some of those people can annoy me. I can be having a civil argument with someone and then they pop in and start with the insults. I also hate when some of them can't remain open-minded and judge people before knowing them. You don't have to be an ass to someone just because they don't fit our guidelines. I've met non-christians that i think have a better chance of getting to heaven than them.
  • yes in quaint old england were i life the noise of church bells on a sunday morning at 7am
  • As a non-believer I am prepared to face my fate when my time comes to leave this mortal plane. I do have some quite spiritual thoughts although God is a bit too far fetched for me. What annoys me is when (a minority of) christians try to tell me that my beliefs are wrong, that I am going to hell in a handcart if I do not believe as they do, and that I am in someway a lesser person than them....but of course, they are always willing to save us all! Just leave me to my beliefs - and if I am wrong I will find out on judgement day; just as they will ;0)
  • They can’t seem to determine who has a correct ‘interpretation’ of the bible yet if you aren’t of that faith you are wrong.

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