• Anymore? From what I have read I don't think anything has changed over the decades, centuries and milenniums in that respect.
  • because nowadays anything can be spun to look like its the truth.
  • First, define what "truth" is, for you. "Truth" is many different things, to many different people.
  • The nature of truth has always been a disputed topic, both in philosophy and in the "common sense" domain. What is it? How do you define it? It turns out that every definition is vulnerable to attack, but at the same time one cannot say that the word "truth" is meaningless. Actually a lot of things are like that: they lack a solid foundation, and yet very clearly exist. In Buddhism, this is sometimes called "groundlessness"... i.e. that things get their reality by a combination of conditions and cannot be traced back to any solid support structure. Truth is like that: its real, but if you poke a stick at its foundation, everything gets gushy.
  • It isn't that people aren't aware of the truth, the fact is that they just don't CARE. That is the nature of man, and always will be.
  • Sometimes, when people know that the truth will get them into a pickle, they twist it around and instead of the cold, hard truth, they end up with the TECHNICAL truth. Make sense?
  • People fear being made to drink hemlock.
  • Because increased communication between people, and rapidly changing paradigms. No truth ever exists outside its paridigm.
  • What TRUTH do you refer to .... Truth to you may not be MY truth .... in some areas . OR do you refer to more people LYING all the times such as politicians , friends , etc ? If that is the question ; it is because they need to feel important and telling lies acompolishes that ...
  • Truth is a journey, not a destination. People who believe they have found the Truth can committ terrible atrocities in the name of their truth.
  • I feel you man! I really do!
  • People are no more or less stupid and/or gullible than they have been for as long as we have been people. What makes you think now is any different to then? If you think that there was some golden age of enlightened global truth in the past then, frankly, you're lying to yourself.
  • People know what truth is, actual state of a matter,fact or reality, like 2+2=4. What people do is try to redefine it for their own personal motives. Show me a person who thinks the truth is a matter of opinion and I'll show you a liar.
  • Because in this time in history, it is more important to do the easy way than the way that may take a little work. You murder someone you go to jail for life, until it becomes too expensive to house you and then you are freed in a few years sometimes. People commit atrocities and are in the news, then a few seconds later, we are distracted with more negative stories and so it goes. No one is accountable for anything so what the heck is the truth? It's all relative these days with no structure. That's why so many are pointing to the End of Days. It's out of control.
  • I think Henry Ford once said, "The truth is difficult, which is why so few people engage in it". Besides, the truth really is just what you read in the headlines and the information the government gives to you right? Funny, in the lobby of the CIA it says, "Know the truth, and the truth shall set you free". This, IMO, epitomizes the current nature of truth :-)
  • We all seem to have different versions of the truth. Plus there isnt really any truth to anything.
  • Progressive liberal idiots are spreading everywhere
    • Evil Penguin
      You do know you're just parroting hateful nonsense, right? Do you at least KNOW that?
    • Evil Penguin
      Let me ask you this, at your job, do people call you Mr Limbaugh? or Mein Fuhrer?
  • I'm just really smart.

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