• Such is often the fate of many of freedom fighters.
  • What? You mean that there were actually white people who were actually able to step outside of their pods and actually notice the plight of another race of people? Say it ain't so! Sorry, Charlie...That was NOT an attack on you, of course. I overheard a conversation this morning and the word "whitey" was used about a thousand times. Sadly ironic the way the tide turns, isn't it?
  • there's always sacrifices whenever it's a positive movement.
  • More than some=.
  • Yes I did, I conduct a lesson on the Civil Rights movement every year and every year my African-American students are always floored by how many white people were a part of the movement.
  • i think who cares and of course a ton of white people died. just like thousands of whites died during to civil war to end slavery
  • Yes, I know. I haven't seen many Civil Rights pics that didn't have atleast one or two whites. I respect them just as much as their Black counterparts. It's saddening to see anyone die for something that wasn't deserved, esp. when it's to enhance the life of another. I'm happy that they fought for the rights of others, I admire them too...just as I admire many of the Black people who fought for rights. They (Black, White or anythign else) didn't die in vain, their family should be proud.
  • Good on them. They'll be remembered as heroes, while the white people who opposed them will be remembered as racist scum. And that's the way it should be.
  • yes... but I did not learn a whole lot from history... I would have helped em too... now we have full blown child slavery because all the land has been stolen... how ya feel bout them apples?
  • It is a shame to see any life end.

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