• Because they're full of themselves and think the world revolves around them. They like telling the world about their problems, and don't like listening to other people's problems.
  • I don't dislike them, actually I find them to be quite entertaining. Nothing is better than watching someone who is full of themselves continually spout off with verbal diarrhea, thinking they are the bomb, when everyone else knows how truly pathetic they are :)
  • i dont like people let alone arrogant ones
  • I don't like it when people assume superiority over me, especially when it is obvious that I am the superior one in all situations.
  • Mainly because most arrogant people are rude and disrespectful to others. Especially those who are less fortunate (whether it be less fortunate in finances or in intelligence). Since they consider themselves superior in every way to those around them, they feel little or no need to show little common decency for others, because 'their' opinion (or so they think) is the only one that counts.
  • Who said I didn't.
  • The assumption of superiority is irritating to everyone, especially so to the inferior!
  • I love them. I can practice on them.
  • I hate ppl who only care about themselves. But really when I encounter one and he/she pisses me off. I get to vent lots of frustration built up. So really I feel better
  • not only do i not like them i gave one a broken leg and a bloody nose. i dont like them becuase they think their better then everyone else when really if they act that way everyone else is better.
  • They think they are better than others and like to blow their own trumpets. +4
  • I know lots of arrogant people I like BECAUSE they are arrogant. It really depends on a persons level of respect for others no matter what or who they are in and of themselves. I think pure arrogance requires a certain kind of intellectual prowess and a kind of confidence that some lesser minded people find intimidating. Sometimes it's just jealousy. lots of things are. Usually as an end result of them being in a countered state of negativity over something they frst see as negative. Neither one is right so why is one more acceptable than the other? Like I always say of the kind of people that always go around saying "I hate negative people." "Isn't that just a bit negative of you?
  • Its not I dont like them, but I cant be around them too long. LoL. cuz its always mass confusion, stubborness, and exhausting. LoL. There cool, but only for alittle while.
  • Do you really believe your question is stupid? Why would you say that? Do you enjoy being talked down to, being treated in a patronizing, condescending manner? Do you enjoy people you love being treated like second-class citizens? Do you look forward to spending time with people who are pompous, supercilious, sanctimonious and full of themselves? If you do, then arrogant people are definitely for you. I don't know anyone who enjoys it and I don't either! Happy Saturday! :)
  • Why would i want to be around someone who naturally feels they are above me or anyone else?
  • They are no easy or fun people to be around or befriend with. Arrogance, of course, is a state of mind of the individual. Always seeking to exagerate their self-importance. They belittle, downplay, or completely ignore the importance of other people and never value their opinion, idea or suggestions. In other words, arrogant people are asses full of crap!
  • Who says I don't? Maybe like another said, it depends on how long they act up? Some people are alittle more than others, but that doesn't mean they don't have other qualities you can't appreciate. People if left to their own destructive personas whether good or bad can drain others. EX: If I'm having a bad day, that always cheerful friend who says only positive message, but can't relate to my situation... Isn't that self centered? Telling me things could be worse, this was a bad day, tomorrow's going to be does that relate to the day's specific stressful event?
  • Because there a**h***** that's why. :(
  • Simply,they are self suffiecent! Like world turns around them,well we can't be all a like...
  • I don't dislike all arrogant people - if arrogance is justified, and it is masked by humour (Simon Cowell for an example) I kind of like it. It can even be kind of sexy. That is the minority though. Otherwise, I just find most arrogrant people are very frustrating. Maybe it is because I am a little arrogant deep down too, who knows!

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