• I just looked up Gerard Way, because I had no idea who that was... That kid is 32? What the heck kind of Ralph Macchio aging deficiency does THAT guy have?
  • They would both make awesome vampires, because of their looks, and Gerard's voice is just awesome. (see 'xmess detrius' on youtube) but you see, some people hate twilight, hence they hate the actors. You either love it or hate it. Some people hate Robert Pattinson just because he plays the role of the vampire. I wouldn't want Gerard Way to be hated, so that's why I think Rob P. should play the role.
  • Gerard Way is far to awesome for Twilight. I've read the books (before they were popular) and I will admit that I do enjoy the series and loved reading it. However, I think it's stupid how girls are freaking out over this and making such a big deal about it. I think Rob Pattinson fits the part better than Gerard Way, but I also think there's a better Edward out there somewhere.
  • Gerard Way cant compete with Robert Pattinson!
  • I think Robert Pattinson was the best for the role. Not because of his acting ability, but because of the 'barking mad' comment he made in an interview.

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