• I used to go to eye doctor anually, but recession hit, and now I don't have insurance. I was supposed to go to the eye doctor last August, but I haven't. Now my glasses are making due, but not great, because my vision gets worse and worse. Hopefully, I can find money soon to go get a new prescription... I can't wait to get back into contacts, though! I wear disposibles, the ones you can sleep in.
  • Every two years
  • My glasses, only when the prescription changes because I just wear them at night after I've taken my contacts out. My contacts are disposable and I replace them about every 2 weeks. Although, due to the "wonderful" economy and major changes in our insurance I will now be paying out of pocket so I may be wearing my glasses even more!
  • I go every year to have my eyes checked every year, and wind up with a new glasses/contacts every two years. I think people over about 50 or under 21 should probably go every year. Otherwise, every two years is probably OK. My daughter, who is 16, has been told to come back every three months as she was showing some signs of a "lazy eye." She has just had a her second visit, but there was no need to change her prescription, but was told to keep wearing her glasses continuously.
  • I have no choice but to replace my eye glasses annually my eye sight is getting so much worse and i have astigmatism too which aint good
  • Maybe every 3 years.

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