• yes they are and have every chance to become well educated if they want.
  • Yes, but far too many choose to be willfully ignorant.
  • ...they could be... Are they?...Not really... Some have great knowledge... but very FEW...are wise.
  • Compared to the rest of the industrialized world? Heck no!....:-P... . . .
  • Of the 20 best universities in the world, 18 are American. And the quality of American higher education extends far and deep, from community colleges to technical institutes.
  • No, I am American and feel that most don't utilize thier education to the fullest.
  • oh they have very amazing schools. people from all over the world go there. but as for personal judgement and moral compass they are below world standards
  • You certainly couldn't tell by their driving habits! I beleive that I can tell a persons character by the way they drive. Seriously! Running stop signs and red lights shows they are careless and don't take other people into consideration, as an example of my "theory." Anyway, To answer the I should have already!....NO, I don't think that Americans are well educated, and many of those who are educated choose to be idiots! Thank you! +3

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