• Try using things that represent your school would be my advice. Like if your school mascot is a bear, use a bear in a forest or growling. Here is how to make a good logo: An eye-catching logo is a critical element in building public awareness of your company or product. Instructions * STEP 1: Make your logo easily identifiable and easily read at first sight. * STEP 2: Relate the image in your logo to the primary service or function of your company. For example, if you own a construction company, build your logo around an image of construction tools. * STEP 3: Avoid basing your logo on a slogan. Slogans take too long to read and exclude people who don't read the language. If you use letters in your logo, limit them to initials or a catchy abbreviation of your company name. * STEP 4: Test the logo's appearance in both color and black and white. You won't always to be able to use a color version of your logo, so make sure it is easily read in black and white. * STEP 5: Work with a graphic designer to ensure that your logo is professional looking and original. * STEP 6: Trademark your logo once it is complete. Tips & Warnings * Steer clear of clip art. The purpose of a logo is to develop a unique identity, so don't use images that are readily accessible through standard computer programs. * Use your logo every chance you get. Include it on business cards, correspondence, signs and proposals. You want the public to automatically associate your company with your logo, so use it in every situation possible. * Save your logo to disk so that you can use it in documents you create with your computer. You'll also be able to create camera-ready copies for advertising or printing needs. * Unless you have extensive experience as a graphic artist, don't try to create a logo on your own.
  • But NOT your ideas so are you entitled to the full 2.500 if you win?

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