• Shhhhhhh. vewy, vewy softly.
  • I generally ignore them...
  • I honestly believe that the point system is predominately abused by those that like to manipulate and berate anyone that doesn't agree with their objective. Try going one single day without punishing anyone for not agreeing with you... I dare you! *Is the queen of the posi-troll! Just because!
  • I'm nice to them, because, well, some of them are friends of mine. The fact that they don't troll me is just a bonus.
  • I don't care how they rate me...I just ignore them..they are a waste of time and energy
  • neither dont care about the "trolls"
  • Hell no. I even answer questions relating to politics, religion and gays, all DR magnets
  • I just do what I want and don't care about the points. If they choose to stalk me and give me negatives then that's their prerogative. The points do nothing for me in my life either positively or negatively so worrying about them is ridiculous.
  • Trolls cannot take points all they can do is down-rate the question or answer - this of course does not remove a single point. it just makes the rating move up or down and messes up their own percentages. so their damage is mostly to themselves. I try to be nice to everyone. I really see no reason to be mean or rude rather they are members who enjoy causing problems or members trying to help. My demeanor has nothing at all to do with points and is all about making the site as enjoyable as it can be for all of us.
  • Well, they can DR people, but they can't actually take any points away. I only DR those who are obscene/offensive/abusive, etc....and I flag and send feedback on those who are the worst abusers. They are truly sad people, but other than those who so screwed up that they go out of their way outside of AB to try and make things miserable (the real nut-job stalker types), I don't give them the time of day. They aren't worth it.
  • It makes no difference how can you be nice to a coward that hides from the world behind a minus button. Since a lot of the DRs I get are minus 5s I am pretty sure that some of my Trolls are Hypocrites who are nice to me anyway. I just carry on and try to be pleasant as i go but I will not be bullied nor will I kiss butt for the sake of points.
  • I just grab my spear and magic helmet, then any trolls can bring it.
  • You're safe you can't lose points once given.
  • I certainly do not try to upset people but I will not pander to popular opinion for points. I also will not be bullied into changing my answers because somebody decides to DR my opinion. It is their percentages that suffer so that everyone who bothers to look can tell they troll.
  • I don't pay attention to who is trolling and who isn't.
  • neither. i ignore them until the part where they think i forget about them. then i eat them. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I ignore trolls. They miss out on all my clever banter. THAT is punishment enough.
  • I turned off the points and don't see if a 'troll' D/R's me anymore,points aren't the end all of life.
  • how can you tell if someone is a troll?
  • I don't consider people "trolls" to begin with. I see no difference between that and the people on myYearbook who seem to have nothing better to do than claim someone is "Fake" all over a question that was asked on there when they feel the person has a fake profile.
  • I don't know what a troll is or how to spot one.
  • I do not much care about trolls... I say what i think needs saying.
  • aaaah bring them on +5
  • ignore them as much as you can, they are very much not part of the solution but are a mere distraction and sometimes fun to toy with. amusing for a time, not much good for anything but coats and axle grease, if used as fertilizer the land becomes barren as no plant can survive the poisons released, the earth becomes barren for years.
  • i have other issues to worry about, besides a person with 'issues' and their DR's....i could care no less...
  • im nice to everybody on AB.... even the trolls.... i dont see very many of those... though... +2 : )

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