• Eliminating alcohol all together 14 years ago. ;D
  • Wow!... This is a very broad question. My life has changed many times. Turns and goes along the way that have been caused by different factors and persons. One thing I can say changed my life was my marriage to an abuser, from whom I had to run to save my life. His actions changed my view of relationships, and my interactions with the males that approach me.
  • Nothing its still the same......m waitin for the day 2 come.
  • My mothers death
  • Growing up. Seeing somethings that no one should have to see.
  • dui's- if i can drive drunk, i can kill cancer- nobody is exempt jail- it's better to have freedom's charity- if you can help out, why wouldn't you?
  • Many things: My depression and BPD; my drug addiction; my college education; my volunteering; travelling and getting to see first hand the shocking conditions that the west allows people of the third world to endure; there is more which I don't care to share right now, but all of that (some positive some negative) have completely diverted and changed my life in various different ways. I probably wouldn't be who I am now, and have the dreams I have if one or more of those things had not happened. I am glad that every one of them happened.
  • A personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I would not be alive without it.
  • when i read life history of prophit mohammad .5
  • My 1yr depression and meditation
  • getting married, having children, watching them become successful and now being a grammy, which is definitely my reward for not killing them when they were teenagers! lol Nah, Actually I was blessed with good kids!
  • knowing that you have to expect anything from anyone anytime.

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