• Ultimately, boils down to simple ignorance and bigotry. They rattle off as many "reasons" as they please...they just don't like homosexuals and don't think we're worthy of equal rights.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Ignorance and bigotry. You just provided both.
  • Exactly. Discrimination. Evidently some people feel that some citizens have to "earn" equal rights, instead of being entitled to them through the Constitution. Plus, there's a fair amount of "I've got mine [rights], why do I have to share?"
  • discrimination/ ..oh you bet it does!.. plus 95% of these same people have been brainwashed by religious mumbo jumbo, put the two together and you get the perfect mix of the arguments against same-sex marriage.
  • 8-14-2017 First, people don't know what they are talking about. "Marriage" is when a man and woman DECIDE they are married. It is not a legal privilege, it is a human condition. No legislature has power to permit or forbid it. The marriage license was invented after the civil war specifically so it could be refused to mixed couples. That meant black and white, since nobody cared about any other mixture. Since then, people have forgotten what marriage is, and they now assume it is something that requires a license from the state. Well, no license is required. A record written in a family bible is acceptable evidence of marriage in any court in the country, and in the absence of that, testimony of two witnesses is enough. Second, there is no right involved. That is like thinking you have a right to have a cold. The confusion arises because the states have created another different thing, a three-way corporation, which they also call marriage. Nobody knows the difference, so they are arguing without knowing what they are saying. Now to answer your question: The nation is collapsing, and perversion and confusion are normal parts of a collapse. People resist perversion and confusion, while other people demand that perversion and confusion be accepted as normal. And there you have it. No matter which way the argument goes, the end result is still collapse.
  • It seems to me to boil down to homophobic male bigots who are terrifed of their own sexuality and are fanatical about someone calling them gay and homophobic religious bigots. These two groups want to deny a segment of society their civil rights because they are afraid and they take out their fear in aggression.

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