• Gosh I haven't watched that movie in a while... I'll list the ones I remember... Impersonating a police officer (When on the phone with the Maitre D' at the resturant) Stealing Truancy Trespassing Identity theft (they stole the identity of the sausage king of chicago) Odometer fraud (I believe tampering with an odometer is a federal offense, but don't quote me on that) Aiding or contributing to the delinquency of a minor (Ferris was in his final year of school I think, and Sloan was younger... if she was 17 and he was 18 then this would apply I think) I also think that tampering with the school's attendance record might be a little illegal.
  • I don't know, but it's funny how he got away with all them - in my day I wouldn't of had a chance!!

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