• call them?
  • Find out why as we are close, and I talk to both my brother and sister a few times a week.
  • I have one who isn't talking to me but even though he has not said why I believe I know why and it is because the last time he came for a hand out I told him no. Years of him only coming by to see me when he needed money was more than I cared to take. You think a 60ty year old man would behave more like an adult.
  • There is always a reason, wheather real or persevered. I had an older female sibling who was quite off center. She would do something nasty and wonder why I took offence. I'd give it some time. They will either get over it or forget about it & call you. Since she's the one who backed away, it's not your job to make amends.
  • Ask them why? :)
  • oh, this has happened...i assume they are busy so i'd call them...if they blew me off a couple of times, i would ask them if i had done something to upset them and we'd clear the air.
  • Nothing at all. If someone, anyone, stops communication I don't care why...the bottom line is my company is no longer wanted so I move on. I don't ask "what's wrong"? Why? Because the honest thing to do would be for this person to have informed me what it was that was so terrible that causes him/her to want to stop communication. If the person doesn't have the grace to do that, he/she won't have the grace to tell me the truth if I were I wouldn't! :)
  • One less problem in my life is what I would say.
  • I would try to somehow find out why he stopped talking to me. It might be a misunderstanding, or maybe I said or did something that upset him when I didn't mean to. I would want to correct the situation.
  • I would try hard to find out why that's happening and keep trying to talk to them till they respond back but if I can't then I will move on knowing how sad my sibling is to let time fly by when you never know how long we have.
  • Try to find out why and it ther is no real reason just goof then I would not worry about it.
  • I'd hope the rest would stop talking to me too.
  • I call my mother and ask her what she knew about it.
  • I would not worry about it...
  • This too will pass.
  • My brother actually isn't talking to the family because of his harpy wife. My mother just says he'll find his way back to us someday. Let it rest and then try to contact them.
  • That would be very strange and I would be concerned and want to know why.
  • i havent seen my older brother since last october and good riddons 2 bad rubbish is what i say. or his girlfriend who used to be my best mate, i was upset over her but shes made her choice and im over it! we bumped into eachother a few weeks ago well awkward we just put our heads down and walked on
  • It depends on the sibling and the situation.

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