• I used to be the same way. Then I (for the most part) gave up Coke because it's so bad for you. I started drinking unsweetened iced tea to get me by, and once I got used to that, I found it easy to just drink water. Now I enjoy it.
  • Yes, I have the same problem. I know water is good for us and I'd lose weight if I drank it, but I can't bring myself to drink more than a bottle of water a day. I used to drink the flavored water from Wal-mart fairly often until I learned that it had asparatame. Now I just drink tea, milk, and fruit juices. Although they're higher in calories and sugar, they can help you meet your daily requirement for water. You can also meet your water requirement through food (bananas are good for this).
  • I guess I've never thought of it's flavor as bland, as I do enjoy the cool perceived crispness of it. I love mountain water and spring water. But then I've had access to really good water over the years. And I had a terrible tasting well, too, so I had to go searching fro my drinking water. Nothing quenches my thirst like water, if there is something else in there, it gets in the way, leaves me wanting more. Water just fills that thirst and I feel satisfied.
  • I love water. There is nothing more delicous or refreshing than a tall glass of ice water when you are thirsty!
  • You don't drink water because of the taste.. I drink it simply because I'm thirsty, because I think clearer when I'm not lacking water, and because I like the feeling of drinking cool water with absolutely no taste to it. I get a headache if I drink too much soft drink or other liquids with a strong taste
  • I xan't stand the taste of plain water even when i filter it!! So i add unsweetened cordial to it, but imust admit my main fluid intake is in the form of coffee!!
  • Haha, i drink water with lemons. But i see you've ruled that out. I guess it comes down to, does it really HAVE to taste good? I mean i dont get why everything has to taste magnificent for people to bring it in their bodies. There is flavoured water out there, for the picky people.
  • i agree, i almost throw up when drinking water.
  • No? I LOVE the taste of water. It's the only drink which really REALLY quenches thirst. In English pubs, water is known as Adam's Ale . This is for your information, in the HIGHLY UNLIKELY event that you DIDN'T know! ... ;-)
  • haha! that's crazy! i thought i was the only one like that! It's so plain, there's no pop or jazz in that drink it's just....boring.
  • With water, the colder it is the better it is. Perhaps you live in an area, like the Southwest, that has terrible water (I've gagged drinking it there).
  • Some water is better than others,but it is pretty boring.But when I get really hot, if it is really cold,it is great!!
  • Hm. I like ice cold filtered water. Except first thing in the morning. I have to have eaten or drank something else at some point before during the day.
  • Not to worry. I dislike drinking water too. I also dislike the "taste" of water - but having it ice-cold helps. And I always had to force myself to drink some amount by a certain hour each day; else I'd get dehydrated and don't even know it.
  • No, I always have my refillable water bottle with me. I just drink tea or juice with meals and coffee in the morning. If I drank bottled water, I would hate it, since it is flat and tasteless (not to mention being a blight on the environment and a gigantic hoax!) Using a filtration pitcher helps a lot with the taste of water. Flavoring it with herbal teas like like the many delicious berry flavors is also good! Here are a couple of articles I wrote about the subject: Evian Spelled Backward is Naive Advice On The Benefits Of Herbal Tea I hope they are helpful to you! :)
  • I used to agree with your feelings about water, until I went farther north. Not all water tastes the same.
  • I almost never drink water, my husband never drinks water at all. He drinks Beers. I drink tea once in a while. Soda is my daily drink. I feel bad about it. I want to change.
  • I agree that most tap water, tastes like sewer water. I do not drink it. I have discovered some fantastic bottled water that comes from Canada. Its sold locally at Kroger stores. Its named Naturally Preferred Pure Mountain Spring Water. Its glacier and spring water mixed. No taste at all and is really great. Make sure the back of the bottle says Product of Canada. Call 1-800-697-2448 for more info. on a store near you. Its only 49 cents a bottle and truly great tasting.
  • My boyfriend hates the taste of water. I so don't get it lol i just didnt think it tasted like anything. We have country (tank) water thou, its the best! Town waters discusting =s
  • They tell us to drink 8 glass of water a day! I have been recently trying to get more liquids (water) as I am working out. So I buy frozen concentrated apple juice. Then I fill my bottle almost all the way up and add a tablespoon or so of frozen juice right from the container. It gives the water a good flavor and encourages me to drink more. If I drink straight apple juice it would be a lot of sugar. Plus this way it costs very little. Apple and grape work best--don't try this with orange juice--yuck!
  • I agree-unless I am working out at the gym and I am sweating lots and my mouth is dry. I have to have at least seltzer water with the essence of fruit or something. Even that is not too satisfying for me.
  • I love water. At first I thought you were just addicted to the sugars and caffeine in most drinks today, but it is true that many municipal water suppliers provide horrible tasting water. Try getting a good reverse osmosis machine and change the filters regularly. Water is Nature's perfect drink.
  • Its habit. I felt the same way once upon a time. Now water is nearly all I drink. I have coffee in the morning. I'll occasionally drink hot tea in the afternoon or ice tea if I go out. But mostly I drink plain old tap water.
  • I don't like water before 5 PM. I reccomend flavored water or Gatorade as an alternative.
  • i only drink carbonated water,,,,love the bite of the nitrogen in it ,,,must be cold though,,,
  • Thank God there's water in beer yo... ;)=)
  • I am a soda fanatic, I was introduced to Coca-Cola as a toddler and I still have some form of soda daily. I find that carbonated water - seltzer water - does give me the bubbles I crave without being too terribly bad for me.

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