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  • ok first things first .. don't blame the pot!, I have been a smoker for well over 40years and I have always had a job and worked , I have never had a day off because I had a smoke. I don't smoke as heavy as I use to in my younger days because I learned that I won't get any more stoned after say 3 cones so smoking 20 more is just a waste of pot and money. To put it bluntly its called growing up and we all do it as we grow older .
  • u can do both, just cause u smoke doenst mean u ahve to be the guy on the couch. as long as ur job doenst drug test ur golden.
  • Do both get hi and enjoy life.
  • Watch the commercials... Put on 50 t-shirts and take one off at a time, each with really clever things written on them lessening your addiction day by day with a more and more clever slogan on your shirt. When you get to the last one. Apparently you're cured? Cool huh?
  • If you can really cut down fine. In my case I couldn't do that so I quit completely. It's not that bad and I am more productive. You decide
  • You could quit cold turkey or just cut down, whichever works for you. It might interest you to know that many former smokers who quit weren't battling the urge to smoke, they just kind of lost interest. Why? because they found better and more interesting things to do and because getting high would have interfered with those activities. When for instance you have tickets to a great concert, and you get high first, then sit stoned on your couch and miss the concert, you realize you're missing out.
  • I just recently was in a situation like yours, quitting cold turkey is not as bad as you might think, I smoked all day every day for years and just stopped to get my life together, now I just smoke occasionally when I have nothing to do and life is great.

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