• A pregnancy is a medical condition that you're dealing with. And you have (or should have) the right to make sure a private and personal decision with your doctor, no matter how old you are.
  • I don't know. If they can get an abortion, they should be able to get tattoos and piercings if they want without their parents butting in.
  • i would rather my child get a piercing or tattoo without my permission then go get pregnant and have an abortion without saying something to me about it...but parents nowadays dont give a d**n anymore and let there kids do whatever
  • No clue. It makes no sense at all!
  • Because the freakin' Government is stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Guess the government feels murder is ok, but theo others are not.
  • I don't know. That's just plain stupid.
  • Because having a baby is going to influence her life far more than the other 3 procedures, and being forced to have it against her will would be worse.
  • It is totally illogical to let a kid make a life or death decision on her own but not a belly button piercing decision. But the abortion lobby was powerful enough to make abortion the only exception to parental consent laws.
  • a piercing that only affect a small area of skin or a teenager with a baby that affect a whole family unit..............i dont think thats rocket science.
  • Messed up laws yo.
  • A girl can also get pregnant and get an abortion against the babies fathers wishes. The boy and his family might want the baby and be more than happy to raise it as their own. Instead the girl can have the baby terminated. what happened to the fathers rights?
  • They shouldn't need parental consent for piercings, tattoos, or anything else in states that don't require it for abortion. The "my body, my choice" principle should be applied. (This could be challenged in court if anyone was willing to pay the legal fees)
  • Because some teens have parents that are absolutely horrible. The law has to provide for the people who need it the most. There are parents out there who would beat/kick out their teens for being pregnant. The law needs to be there to help these people, as they are the people who really need it. Tattoo's, piercings and liposuction are all cosmetic procedures. An abortion is a medical procedure. I think that is an important distinction to make.
  • Because your parents dont have to end up babysitting a tattoo, a piercing or a sucked ass... until you turn 18 and finish school THAT'S WHY!
  • Because the government is pro-abortion.
  • Because the government favors the financial model of abortions compared to live births. The reason? Abortions will never cost the government health care, education, food, or housing costs. The more abortion, the better the government's short term financial picture.
  • its the system trying to take responsiblity for irresponsible parents ........but its as messed up as the parents and their minors....
  • Because the government is pro-abortion. It works best for their financial model.
  • I won't go into my usual anti abortion beliefs re the hypocrisy of man. But it's a very good question ... Where is there more lost and gained? +6 >>> WARNING <<< The images of aborted babies contained within the following link may offened or upset ... Please only proceed if you are prepared to see death. > Fetus by Leonardo Da Vinci <
  • Being a fifteen year old girl myself, i totally agree in this law. Pesonally i would tell my father if i fell pregnant, but only because of the bond we have. I see why people can get abortions without telling their parents. If a woman is old enough to get pregnant she is old enough to decide how she acts upon it. If i didnt have my dad in my life and i wanted to get an abortion i wouldnt even think of telling my mum, i know my mum would talk me out of it and make me do what she wanted to do. It is my body, my life and my baby i am carrying if i chose to abort it that would be my choice. I am not against abortions but i believe they should only be a last choice and if someone thinks they are ol enoguh to have sex they should be responsible enough to make sure they dont fall pregnant untill they are ready to have a child
  • I guess that in the situation of liposuction it could go bad, how is a minor really going to pay for it in the first place and if something happened. The parents are responsible. As for piercings and tattoos I don't really know. Besides sometimes they are decisions that could be regretted in the future. Or they could become infected but I don't really see that being a serious thing. So no clue. As for abortions. Hmm...I am pro choice. I guess to lead up to it all if your old enough to have sex, your old enough to make your own decision. But then I guess in retrospect if your old enough to have sex then why not be old enough for a tattoo and piercings. Really good question!
  • because a tattoo, a piercing, andor liposuction will have no significant impact on the life of said minor. no one should be "forced" into bringing life into the world. if you don't want an abortion, don't get one.
  • When parents tell a kid they can't do something, there's a good chance they'll do it anyway. Do-it-yourself piercings are nowhere near as dangerous as getting pelvic with a clothes hanger or 'falling' down a flight of stairs. Ironically, most pro-lifers would prefer two kids died instead of one.
  • Because a tattoo, piercing or liposuction is not gonna grow up under circumstances were it is unwanted or were the mother really can't raise it. An early abortion had the potential to be a human being but is not yet a human being. It is a bunch of cells, with no developed human body or brain yet. Not only can a teenage pregnancy screw up the teenagers life, but also that of the one that might be born out of it.
  • Evidently, that's the way the government wants it. They want as many abortions as possible.
  • i no, its like how can a 16 yr old girl legaly have a baby, but ccant get drunk or smoke?! or still has to have permission form parents for things such as collage trips!

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