• You have no idea how "spooky" your question is. My husband and I were just talking about this very thing yesterday morning. He said, growing up, he used to be attracted to a girl who lived around him. He didn't really know her "personally". Then he had a dream about her in a "negative" way. From then on, he didn't like her any more!
  • would it be fair enough to call him a stranger then? Psychological Meaning: A stranger represents those aspects about yourself that you either reject or are unfamiliar with. Are there aspects of your personality that you deny? If the stranger is frightening, he may symbolise things that you have repressed. Mystical Meaning: Superstition claims that to dream of talking to a stranger means you will hear news from afar. Some oracles claim that this is a dream of contrary meaning that indicates that friends will help you.
  • As a student in London 40 years ago I had a neighbour, an Italian girl, a year and a half younger who occupied a room on the second floor while I was on the first. We became very close friends, but parted in time to lead our own separate lives. Last December she appeared to me in a dream, with graying hair, but with that same sweeet and lovely smile of long ago, and all she said was "Find me". Well, I did google her and found her, and we've re-connected. All said and done, she was my first spark. I was all of 20 then.
  • sometimes when i just meet people i have sexual dreams about them, and am sorta in to them dispite any lacking of personality, haha just raging hormones i suppose
  • All the time!

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