• Sunglasses, ever since I was a little girl I've been collecting sunglasses, all brands.
  • I collect all sorts of things , Coins, Stamps Porcelain Bronzes Dancers Native American Figurines Vinyl Records Money :) Perfumes Designer 60/70 clothes. Books Paintings Mirrors Probably Jewellery
  • Coins, NASCAR memorabilia and Miami Dolphin Memorabilia.
  • I have a collection of buddhas some I bought, others were bought for me.
  • crystals-examples: rose quartz, topaz, snowflake obsidian, amethyst, jade, hematite, etc. I have about 60 +. I also collect Gumby (and other characters) figurines. Gumby, Pokey, Prickle, Goo, Minga, Blockheads, etc. Big Fun.
  • I've been collecting: French Apothecaries Vintage Copper Pots & Pans Vintage Button-Hooks Teddy Bears (also make them) Books Antique Tins Cookie Cutters
  • The only collection I really have right now consists of the presents my boyfriend has given me. Does that count?
  • Teddy Bears, Coins and Magnets +5
  • I collect paper money from around the world.
  • My weird collections: -Marbles -Broken pieces of pottery from the local river -Archie comics -Rocks -Asian things (art, fans, purses, clothes, furniture...pretty much anything asian) -Antiques -Coins (US, Canada, and other countries) and I think that's it....
  • Yes, I have a large collection of FireKing Jadite - Jane Ray, Alice, batter bowls, eggcups, sugar and creamer and several of the milkglass bowls with the hand painted fruit.
  • autographed first edition books, female action figures, native american pueblo pottery, 1990 vintage champagnes, and about a thousand CDs
  • Hello, Chicago Lady :-)) I do have a couple thousand pieces of Blue Willow, and am fairly knowledgeable about the history of the pattern. I have on display the oldest and/or the most precious-to-me pieces. I have been collecting for nearly two decades...I still see my children's faces when they found a dish at a flea market, and then they spent their allowance buying me that dish :-) So, I can never get rid of any of it :-)) Some of my pieces came from antique shops (favorite gift of husband at Christmas) some were given to me by people who discovered that I collected it...and some of those are such treasures. The people are gone mostly. It seems that many supermarkets, several decades back, gave away blue willow pieces as a purchase bonus. It was before I even thought of collecting blue willow. So, many local people had a few odd pieces in their cupboards. They graciously sent them way. As you are reading this, you are probably becoming keenly aware that my blue willow collection is out of control. I have repeatedly told my children and everyone I know that I no longer collect it :-) God bless their is a habit that is dying a hard, slow death :-)) And it is, for the most part, from where my username originated. So nice to see you here!! How is Kimi...any updates?
  • I collect music, books and movies and only those of personal interest to me. I don't intentionally collect things for their value, however more than a few of my collected items have gained value while I've had them.
  • I collect semiprecious stones, music related jewlery, bettas (fighting fish) and scarves.

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