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  • Yes! I'm a chick and I don't get it either! Most of my friends are male.
  • because it's boring otherwise imagine spending time with ur girlfriend in total silence. It's soo awkward too...I don't know what u'll be thinking at the time, bt i'd think u'd think im soo boring and have nothing good to say.
  • Silence IS golden, because it is rare and coveted. But don't most girls think that diamonds are their best friend. That is because they are always talking to their best friends!
  • Are you still talking?
  • it depends if you look for a talkative lover then she'll keep on talking.
  • Its coz we love to hear the sounds of our own voices!!! And you should 2!!
  • Its in thier genetic profile. I have the name chatty cathy for them. I wear hearing aids and when my wife starts chatting like crazy, i just politely turn them off and her, too. Every once in a while, i shake my head up and down in agreement, as though i am listening to her every word. One day, she is going to discover this and i am going to have to learn sign language. no getting around sign language. You have to pay attention.
  • One of the biblical principals of what it is to be a good woman... Is to know your heart and hold your tongue. Silence is golden... WOmen however are hormonally driven. and that tends to cause external emotional responces to internal circumstances... It's like a valve under pressure... Eventually, it has to have release or else it will explode.
  • its ,gossip,entrapment,drama,dominating, self serving, etc. is my experience of most now a days,IF u allow it.....they'll get u in trouble....TREAD LIGHTLY...:) ask Dr. Laura, even the young ,12 & 13, yr. olds are quite VICIOUS & FORWARD,today...thanks to their mothers...
  • It's not just girls. I know a guy that sometimes forgets to stop for air...bla, bla, bla....
  • Okay Mr. Oink, Oink, I do not talk all the time, I enjoy my peace and quite.
  • Hate to burst your bubble, but I am a woman and people always say that I never talk.
  • I enjoy talking, but don't want to talk all the time. Times when I just want to do things. Or just have quiet & not have to talk.
  • 2nd Answer. Same applies to men........... I have a male friend thats an attorney. He constantly has a can of Red Bull in his hand. He is nonstop talking. He never stops. He probably wins all his court cases by reason of chatter. He drives me crazy.
  • most girls are very social and just like talkin but there are some girls that do sometimesmjust sit there and enjoy the silence like me lol
  • It isn't just girls. It's members of my family. Particularly when I have a headache.
  • I do not think that this generalization is fair. There are some girls and guys who talk too much, and many of them have nothing really meaningful to say. In these cases - it is usually a nervous thing that speaks to an underlying insecurity of some sort. If someone speaks alot and has something to say - then I am all ears.
  • I don't always like talking, I do enjoy the silence as well :) I know a few women who do nothing but talk and it got on my nerves(still does), and I don't want to be like that.
  • i guess because we have so much emotions and feelings and we like to talk about them we are also very opinionated..i guess
  • As a guy, there is nothing I hate in the world more than silence. I love dating talkers, cause then I don't need to talk, but I also don't have to deal with painful silence.
  • Women tend to be more language-oriented so they have a lot of words and ways to use them. Additionally, men tend to be data hoarders while women tend to be data sharers. Obviously these are generalizations, but it does seem that on the average women talk more than men. Another thought - women feel sorry for men and their animal gruntings and hope to teach them to speak better by example.
  • I'm a young woman and my boyfriend talks way more than I do. Though I'm the one with the interesting topics :)
  • Ha ha ha. we always also wanted to talk with them that is why may be they talk much with us. As Positive charge attracts Negative charge like this girls attract boys

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