• I feel the same way. I just try to brush it off (even though it is hard) but sometimes I go to see my teachers for help if I do not understand it. Have you tried that? Sometimes they will let you up your mark with a retest. Don't let school get ya down. What grade are you in?
  • First of all if you feel like your depression may be anything more then mild I'd recommend seeing someone about it. Secondly look at school as your primary job. Nearly everyone on earth must work, I did in school and I do now in my regular crappy job. (Trust me I'd rather be back in school) I don't know where you are in your schooling but I belive everyone can at least get through high school if they work hard enough at it. Let me tell you a secret, I never really felt like I was qualified for college, but I graduated from a selective university. I didn't have a great GPA but I graduated none the less through perserverence and working hard. Take your time, work harder and pride yourself in doing well and learning. Try to take an interest in what you are being taught.
  • that happens to a lot of people, like me, and you just have to tough it out and make it through b/c in the end its all worth it. yeah its a bit frustrating when you put everything you have in you to do good and you just dont do well, but grades dont mean everything. it took me quite a while to realize this but you just have to believe it and everything will be okay. you should talk to your doctor and see a therapist like i did and i have been doing better although only a little, it still helps a lot. to not feel so empty, do something you enjoy even if it means you have to make time to do it. this all helped me and still is. i really do hope you get put back together feeling whole again.
  • In your question you wrote: 1. i feel like my life's falling apart 2. im depressed. 3. i hate how much homework we get 4. i dont get awesome marks. 5. i just hate everything about school. 6. im feeling so empty. I didn't believe this for a long time. Now I KNOW it's true. Think of the "the universe" as a copy machine. The energy you send out (that includes thoughts and words) comes back duplicated. The more you send "it" out, the more "it" comes back. LOVE...PEACE...and HUGE PROSPERITY to you, now and always
  • Just remember: SCHOOL IS NOT FOREVER. Though it might seem that way sometimes. While education is important, the fact is that ten years out of high school noone has ever cared what I got in 8th grade science. I stressed way, way too much about grades when I was in school. As long as you are serious about your studies and learn as much as you can, an individual mark is not the end of the world. And most teachers are happy to help, really. Just ask. Focus on your interests, your friends, your school clubs and pursuits. Do the things you love and you will meet like-minded people. I hated school too. I like adult life much better.
  • You know that depressed, isolated, Im-not-as-good-as-everyone-else feeling you have? Everyone your age goes through it at one time or another. The greatest myth of puberty is that no oone's ever felt like you before. You're in that unenviable period of your life when you probably feel like you're tumbling out in space, not sure where you belong or if you can accomplish all that's put before you. You won't believe or understand this for a long time, but one day school and its tribulations will seem like good times. And it's not because life gets harder (though it does get more complex), but because your horizons are broadened and your perception of what's important in life is honed. You're right on track, friend. If school is hard, get a tutor. Some stuff will always be harder than others. If the social pressure of school is getting to you, find a few good friends and wade through those years together. A note: Your education will be as valuable as gold in your future. That's not to put pressure on you because it's likely no one will ask you to how to calculate pi, but a well-rounded education that teaches you to read, write and effectively communicate will place you head and shoulders above the competition down the road. Hang in there. Look up at the sky; take a trip to the ocean or a lake. It's a beautiful world and there's so much more to it than school. Good luck.
  • Life is like weather, which is invariably changing. Sometimes it is cloudy, sunny or rainy. Of course there will be times of joy, depression, and all sorts. I once heard of a conundrum: Schooling is a joy which you can never forget or go through it again. After some deep thinking, i began to recognize this as a good proverb. Its not that bad to be in school. You can meet friends and learn and study together. Try to ask those outstanding friends around you on their strategies of succeeding. I am sure they willing to share. Moreover, cheer up!
  • I hear ya - and I know exactly what your feeling 0 really I do, I've battled depression all of my life, and here's my "sage" advice for you. School sucks for some people - it just does. It was designed to suit the majority and your most likely not a part of the majority and your going to have to ajust yourself to that fact. In school do the best you FEEL like doing and live with that. If you try do do past that level your going to be profoundly unhappy in your life. Remember - a "C" is passing, it's the average - be happy with being average in subjects you don't give a damn about and just move on with your life - most of the junk you learn in high school is stuff you will never use anyway, that's why they people leave school at 16 or younger in some states. Anyway - master the basics, reading and writing and business math and history - the rest is just stuff that has little application in modern society. For example,I have never used advanced mathamatics in my entire life - nothing past geometry that is - and I'm a resonably successfull telecomunications engineer. Here's another good point - never in my life has an employer asked me what my grades were in school - never - not once - and I've been working for over 30 years. Now take it esay and master your life or it will allways master you. Do what's required and forget about what others are doing - be happy being AVERAGE, and go on and enjoy yourself.
  • Back up a little bit and chill. These things that seem to be overwhelming you is because you might be trying to swallow the whole lump at once, hating it to start with. 1) Attitude shift. You can't change the outside stuff, but you can change how you react to it. Negative reaction most likely will not produce a positive result so... 2) Know what you're dealing with and priortize. 3) Break things off into smaller chunks and concentrate on a small one rather than "I gotta ton of crap I gotta do!!" 4) I felt empty too until I invited Christ to come into my heart. Life won't get any easier, but at least I'm not having a go at it alone anymore. He will fill up what you're missing though, promise you that. Hope this helps.
  • get help from freinds and hang on thru school because thats the only way you will make money
  • Hi, You know school really isn't the end of the world. We don't all have the same personallities or the same brain power. We all do different things some good some bad. It really doesn't matter what things we do well. At the end of the day we all need each other for something and you have amazing qualities that haven't even emerged yet! I know you are good at sharing problems and that is really useful when someone is in trouble!!! You now what it is like to be at the bottom. That is one of the most useful gifts there is, trust me, you will be the one who can sympathise with the losers, you will be the one who can encourage people and build them up because you have gone through it yourself. You are an amazing person!!!! You just wait and see how you turn out! School really is not so cool or majorly important. People (YOU) are!!!! Much love tim
  • For most people, the meaning and value in life can't be found in a textbook. It sounds like the time you spend in schoolwork isn't a labor of love, as it would be if knowledge was a passion of yours. Perhaps you devote yourself so much to your schoolwork because someone/something is more or less forcing you to do so. Human beings aren't soulless computers that merely process and store information, we have a craving for a sense of purpose, craving for enrichment, and craving for happiness. And for each of us, these things come from different places. Find what inspires and enriches YOU and serve it as best you can. And when you find it, don't be afraid to explore the idea that it might be more important than any of the school stuff. IMHO, all the knowledge in the world is valueless if it can't fill the emptiness in one's life.
  • Developing a healthier lifestyle for yourself will help. Quit sweets and junk and industrial food and alcohol, soft drinks, and drugs, exercise every day and go to bed early and get plenty of sleep. Get something you are interested in and devote a lot of tike and energy to it and learn from it.

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