• O = Ox cart N = Naturmobil (seriously) Z = Zero-emissions vehicle No idea about the others.
  • Narrow boat - Ocean liner - Quad bike - Xebec - Yacht - Zeppelin
  • N..eighbor gives me a ride, but I get fresh half way there and she throws me out of the car. O..ld lady drives me to welfare office and then the package store and the drug store for penicillin. Q..uite a few beers later, walking is the only option, and even that, with difficulty. X....x.... X's on my eyes after all those beers, and I get TRANSPORTED to heaven (but then thrown out for being inebriated, and making passes at angels.)(..hoping the other place is more tolerant.) Y..ellow Cab (that's what the cab company is called here) Z..ebra crossing...bus hits me, I TRAVEl 50 yards.No charge.
    • beaker95
      You should be very careful about accepting lifts from old ladies.....
  • New Occipital Queensland Xerox Yacker-tracker Zagato zele.....
  • In Hawaii the shuttle bus is called "Quick", Hawaiian "wiki wiki".

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