• No, who knew that was coming?
  • There are actually several who are claiming the did predict it, and no one listened to them.
  • exactly my point on all the fortune tellers who make a living taking desperate peoples money.
  • We didn't need them. The government knew about it ahead of time. They pretend like they didn't.
  • They were in the same place as that guy who, for who knows how many decades, has interrupted afternoon TV programming with an ear-splitting squeal and whining siren and this message, "This is a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. This is only a test. Had this been an actual emergency, you would be instructed where to tune in your area for additional information." As far as I can tell he not only bagged out on 9-11, but he didn't show up for Katrina either. And I'm from New Orleans. I'm not sure exactly where he was, but I'll betcha' the damn psychics were with him. We might not be able to trace them, but this dude's been on our public payroll for years, if not decades. Follow the money.
  • Why do psychics make appointments. Don't they know you're coming?
  • They were in the Towers or on the planes. They KNEW something big was happening, and wanted to be there. They just didn't know it would kill them.
  • There was a few who predicted the 911. But nobody listened.

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