• It would be correct would be to say "I am in charted waters...(or uncharted)", meaning that the waters were known (or unknown) and mapped (or unmapped). Charter mean a formal document or contract outlinging rights and obligations, ie chartered flight - meaning when you hire a plane for a specific destination or time, or Chartered Accountant, an accountant who has passed the professional examinatins of the Instuture of Chartered Accountants. Hope this helps.
  • Nav maps show where you can safely go in a ship. If you are in unchartered waters, you could run into a sandbar, reef, or fall off the edge of the world.
  • The correct use of the term would be "I am in uncharted waters." Meaning you are doing something that nobody else has done before. So there is no guide-book and you're figuring things out as you go along. You'll be something of a a pioneer. It is a nautical term. A map of a sea area is called a chart. It shows all the dangers that can be expected if you sail in that area and so helps you to avoid them. A chart is produced by doing a hydrographic survey. An area that has not been surveyed is "uncharted". Therefore, if you sail in such an area, you will be in danger because you will have no "guide-book" to assist you.
  • You can charter an airplane. You would be basically hiring the service of transporting you somewhere. I'm not aware of being able to charter sections of water, so I would say you are incorrect. Perhaps you mean charted? You could be in charted waters - those which have been surveyed for navigation.
  • it's not "chartered waters" it's charted waters, meaning nautical charts have been made and kept about depth, water current, hidden hazards, etc. uncharted waters are dangerous for a vessel because the captain does not know all this important information. charted waters are generally safer because hazards are known and can be avoided

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