• I would most likely get up and leave.
  • I'd walk out. Or sit there with a stunned expression on my face for a few minutes, then walk out. Maybe wait for a nice hymn...
  • i would walk out b4 i did or said somethang that would hurt feelings
  • I hope I'd stay so as not to embarrass my friend, but I admit the spirit might move me - out of the church. If I did stay I would seethe until it was over and we would have a longgg discussion on the way home.
  • Walk out. Just because you're in church that doesn't mean that you have to sit there and listen to crap you don't want to.
  • I would sit there for my friend's sake...:)
  • I would just sit there and simmer, as a guest I would never do anything to embarrass my friend.
  • I'd probably say to myself, "Did I hear him right?!?" After I determined that I had, I'd turn to my friend and quietly (maybe...depending) say, "Pardon me, I have to go outside and throw up! See ya at the car." +5
  • As rude as it may be I would walk out - it would be either walk out or say something. I wouldn't dare to the latter.
  • i would wonder why i was there in the first place! id probably make a scene if it was something that REALLY goes aganst the grain. otherwise, id just walk out
  • it depends on what was said; was it personal, or was it of a spiritual nature, if it eas spiritual, can it be backed by verse in the bible. if it eas personal, then you telling him he was out of line would be within your rights. if he persisted then you really don't want sit under his guidence. if it is not in the Bible, or sripture is being left out, I would go back. It said in the Bible if you add, or take away from this book, you will anwser to God for it. So if they don't read as it written I would'nt be there.If preacher isn't backed by the Bible you shouldn't worry, it's not your bad he is wrong, just be right.
  • No if I were in my own church I would walk out in protest but I think it would be rude if I were to do that when I am a visitor at a friends place of worship. I would bite my tongue and stay seated.
  • depends on what he said

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