• As far as I can tell, you just know. I knew for years that I wasn't ready to be a parent, however now I know I could be. I guess you just grow-up.... abit!
  • Hi, Zack :) think the fact that someone would ask that Q is a good indicator, but not quite enough. If you can honestly say that you have your life together enough to be a good example for an impressionable mind with a clean slate, then you're probably a good candidate. If you are a good person when no one is looking, then you're a decent candidate. If you can accept that you are sometimes wrong, apologize freely when you are, and learn from the mistakes you make, then you're a decent candidate. If you can handle the curve balls life throws at you without falling apart, then you're really a good candidate! If you can love freely and not withhold it like a weapon to use against somebody, then you are an excellent candidate!
  • your water breaks. :) ++
  • I think once you realize that you can care for a child mentally, physically and financially...thats when you know your ready. I've wanted a child for awhile but I have to work on the financial part first. (hopefully I can get that sorted out soon)
  • Look around. Examine other parents. Do your own evaluation as to whether such are "Excellent", "Good", "Average" or "Poor". Going for the "Excellent", for both you and the other parent-to-be, decide for yourself, with seriousness, whether BOTH of you are ready. You are considering the most critical responsibility of your lives. +5
  • I guess you just know, but even when you are ready to become a parent, no one is totally prepared to.
  • You don't. I never felt ready to be a parent but here I am three kids later and still haven't imploded. My attitude has become "Life happens - go with it."
  • You should feel very responsible and mature.
  • I'm not sure any first timer is ever ready. I was always afraid of being a father because I was terrified of repeating my own parents' mistakes. My wife and I both felt that our bloodlines had run their course and that they needed to end with us. We were perfectly willing to never have kids at all. But we both had a dream the same night that we were having a son. When we woke up we just knew it was time. The fear disappeared and we knew that we were as ready as we were ever going to be. He's turning 4 this year. He's my reason for living.
  • When you are mature enough to realize that the supply of children needing homes is greater than the demand to create excess children. Every new child created means one more left out in the cold without parents to love them. So go without the stretch marks, weight gain and mood swings and adopt a beautiful gift!
  • I don't think you are ever really ready... It just comes natural....
  • you are ready to always put your child first
  • you dont!! nobody ever is, I have 3 kids and still learn new things all the time. Being financialy stable helps, but money isnt the only curve ball you get, all you can do is your best.....also, dont take advise from people who dont have kids....after all, the best parents are the ones who have no kids at all.
  • I hate to say it but your probably never ready. Parenting is an experience that brings many new challenges each and every day and nothing can really prepare you for it. If feel mature enough and you can handle it physically, emotionally and financially then you're ready. :)
  • Once your frontal lobotomy scar heals, you're ready.
  • When u are matured enough to take responsibilities and confident enough so that no need of asking others.

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