• Because there are groups of people here.
  • The internet is a great thing to hide behind. Some one who in person would be as meek as mouse suddenly can become a bully without fear of getting their ass kicked . :o) +5 Great question!
  • because we are in the beginnings of a new era of holy wars last time it happened was 100 years ago christians vs islam this will be an eternal struggle that no one will ever win
  • You got me, you have a better chance of winning people over by tolerating there beliefs and gradually they might see things your way, but some people just come out and act like mavericks. That and some people just fail to identify with the unity that certain belief systems offer and since they don't need to be part of it gives them a superiority complex.
  • Some of the longest, bloodiest wars in history have be over religion. Why every religion feels that they have to eradicate every other religion is beyond me. People who claim to be religious are some of the least tolerant people I have ever known. It is certainly not what I would expect, or look for, in a religion to believe in.
  • Belief is integral to human nature. We require it to function it lets us choose things about life and that requires knowledge about the different options. That is pure, plain, unadulterated belief. When you introduce external measures that control and limit that belief to within a fixed set of rules then you no longer have choice. You have look at what that person is stating to try and understand if that belief structure they hold is through free will or because that is all they know and that is all they have been told. Because at the end of the day you may be seen as attacking someone's beliefs when in fact you are trying to give them options.
  • The anonymity.
  • People have strong opinions, especially in matters that concern race, religion, and politics.
  • Some of us don't like being the quiet kids in the dark corner.
  • freedom of speech. AB is a place where express your TRUE feelings, disregarding social norms. Sorry if you can't handle it, but we try not to cuss.
  • Is not only rampant on AB, but throughout society--some are not able to accept the right of others to think for themselves. Sad, sad, indeed...that is called "intolerance".
  • I believe that people are different....some can agree to disagree and discuss there different beliefs....then there are those who feel they don't even want to discuss it...then those who get so heated that what is really in them comes out. I have no problem with those who do not believe. I know that I change their minds.....but I do speak about all that I believe and I get attacked about 90% of the time. They personally attack HE whom I believe in and that's when I do have an issue. I try to have the patience with those who attack the LORD had with me when I didn't even give HIM a second thought. I try to treat them as I would like to be treated.
  • I think a lot of it is they are behind a computer screen, you cant knock the crap out of them, LOL. I doubt they would spout off as much if you were face to face.
  • We exercise freedom of speech, and all the back and forth attacks are attackers and dissenters now that they won't get physically attacked or have their homes torched because of anything they have said....
  • People forget that others have different experiences and backgrounds and are convinced that the way the perceive the world is the only 'right' way. There are many solutions to all different kinds of problems, some are better than others. There are many paths to take in this life. God (I believe in God) made us all different to choose lives that do not all look the same.
  • There's a difference between attacking and discussing. I like to think most of us discuss, but AB does provide the anonymity for people who are psychologically stunted and have the pathological need to simply attack--something that doesn't persuade or otherwise do any good for anyone at all.
  • simply each person answers as they believe and thinks there belief is the only way and that there is no other right answer. when there are many beliefs and many answers.
  • I don't know whether you would call it an attack or not (subjective) but I will call out a person who gives erroneous and possibly dangerous information as the gospel truth. Yesterday a person claiming to be a giver of advice in the medical profession stated that you couldn't give herpes unless you had a lesion!!! I mean, you can't just leave something like that alone. Stuff like that is harmful to others!
  • It' only freedom if the community cop's say it is,,,,,boy that sounds like oppression to me.
  • Sometimes the mere fact that you've not chosen to agree with the most fanatical fanatic is taken as an insult.

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