• The judge will usually give you ample time to pay. If you don't, the judge will certainly give you ample time yo...
  • You have to pay, or delay it by going to court to fight it. Or ask your B/F for the Cash or someone else if he's a cheapskate! lol
  • Everyone speeds. Speed doesn't kill. Driving too fast for conditions kills, not speeding. I am sympathetic to your case. You're in California. You can argue the ticket via the mail in writing. Most of the time the cop wont' take the time to respond (they don't get paid to write out the responses and even if they have a little time, they'll spend their real time on real crimes). Ask the court about the mail-in form. Even if you lose, you can ask the DA for community service time or you can ask for a payment plan. If you go on a payment plan, YOU HAVE TO PAY IT or you will go to JAIL.
  • depends on where you live. If you simply don't pay it, a warrant may be issued for your arrest. Good chance of your license getting suspended too.
  • The price goes up little by little....the sooner you pay the better.
  • you send it in not guilty go to court and they might cut the fine in half in Connecticut they will suspend your license & if you are caught driving under suspension they will tow & impound you car $125 towing charge plus $20 a day storage and may have to make bail or if you are lucky you will get a promise to appear and if you go to court with no money you may get 60 days in jail they do not fu*k around guess how i know i came up with the money pretty fast i wasn't going to be bubba bit*h plus if they suspend your license you have to pay a $125 restoration fee
  • See if you can borrow the money or ask the court if you can do some type of "community service" work to reduce the cost of the ticket so you can pay it.
  • You can ask the judge for community service... My mom did that and paid her fine that way....
  • all they do is send you a letter saying your license is suspended untill you pay it.. it happened to me back near christmass...
  • Did you bat those beautiful eyes at the cop before he gave you a ticket or at least show a little cleavage. That should have kept you out of a ticket. No lectures from me. I feel sorry for you. Everybody speeds but you got caught. Sorry

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