• I think you're talking about discharge, yeah? We all have it - some less than others and usually more around ovulation when we are most fertile.
  • Yes I have. About 3 yrs ago I went to the bathroom in a resturaunt and I was horrified to find a huge glob of this. I wiped and wiped and was like a never end of mucis. Made me sick to my stomach. lol Im pretty sure it's just ovulation. Sometimes you just get a lot of it. That was the only time that ever happened. I'm sure though it will happen again in my life time.
  • if this discharge is yellow and greenish like nose mucus, she may have a problem. i have huge gobs of vag mucus sometimes. i don't know how often because, frankly, i am not down there waiting for it to happen. i have quite a bit of discharge but then every woman is different. my gobs are clear or sometimes mixed with milky cloudiness. it's not a medical issue as i was check out by my gyne when i first noticed it(i was on the john the first time). if her's is yellow, i would get that checked out.
  • I don't mean to make light of this (well yes i do) Have you tried blowing your nose instead? ;)
  • I'm pretty sure most of us have expirienced this. it's perfectly nomal! don't worry UNLESSS: it is off color and has a verrrry bad smell. otherwise, your fine. if you are that worried see a profesional.

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