• Sadam Hussein is no longer. We don't have to worry about him getting any nukes or something crazy.
  • He drove Al Qaeda, mass-murderers of many thousands in the US, UK, Spain, Bali, Indonesia, etc, out of Afghanistan and underground. . It's very possible that his policies prevented more terroriest attacks in the US. But would the same terrorist attacks have been prevented by the policies and meaasures that would have been implemented by Al Gore? Probably. . I'm not at all a Bush fan (I think he was a dangerous moron), but it's a more complicated issue than "He made everybody hate us". Al Qaeda and their ilk are committed to goals ranging from driving us from the Middle East, to taking over the Muslim world, to our complete destruction via atomic weapons in NY & Washington DC. They hated us just as much before 9/11, destroyed our embassies, attacked ships, etc. They did not leave us alone when we ignored them, and they won't leave us alone now.
  • Bush's 'hard line' policies have undermined national security and actually made America less safe.
  • Well, we didn't have another 9/11... not sure if that all is attributable to GWB but it bodes well for him...
  • The Patriot act was suppose to make things safer. All that did was invade the privacy of our homes and allow the Government to intrude on us and listen in on our phone calls and who knows what else they have infringed upon us.
  • By showing off USA's military power and sacrificing the lives of a few thousand American soldiers. +3
  • Well there are many more Rich Folks who didn't have to worry about paying their fair share of taxes.
  • By invading the wrong country and killing the wrong people wasting more money than the world has and pissing on our constitution. yep I feel safer by far.........NOT!
  • Actually, he made the US safe from common sense, intelligence and democracy. He did an outstanding job of that
  • You can still get in your car and drive to the store by food,go home turn your TV on wacth what you want,stay out as late as you want..ect...

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