• If there were good solid proof that God does exist, I wouldn't be an atheist any more. People are not atheists out of some perverse negativity, they are atheists because they see no evidence, let alone proof, for the existence of God. Give real evidence, atheists would, obviously, become believers. So "how different would my life be" depends upon which God turned out to exist. If it turned out to be Paresseux, God of Lazy Bastards, my life would hardly change at all. But if it was one of those Inca gods who want human sacrifice, life could get bloody.
  • Which god? Give me good evidence of a god and I'll believe in it. Since there is no evidence for any god, I'll withhold belief. Changes? None--I live my life well and how I believe now. Why would finding out that some god exists change how I live?
  • I would be serving the opposing source, though an alliance would still be evident,
  • not one bit ... in fact I would be even more against any so called God that has stood by and watched his so called flock be slaughtered and enslaved for so long and has done nothing to stop it.
  • I think it would depend on which God and how much of the stuff associated with him is true. I don't think I would know what to do until it was clear who's version of the truth (including the wide variances among those who claim to believe in the same God) turned out to be right. My goal of striving to be a better man would not likely change much.
  • What would this God be like? What would his demands be? Surely you know that there are dozens of conceptions of God. My life would be different, but I can;t say how until I know which God it is that exists.
  • I guess I'd have to sit down and talk to god face to face and hash this out, get the skinny and see just exactly what the rules of the game were because anything less than that isn't gonna convince me he is real, and regardless of whether he is or not, that still doesn't mean I'm gonna embrace some book claiming to be his word.
  • It wouldn't be any different. I live by common sense and my own morals. It is basically no different than if I was a Christian.
  • i agree with Alec. if i saw substantial enough proof that God exists, then I would believe in him. but even then my life wouldn't change too much other than becoming a christian. i lead a pretty moral life already.
  • That depends WHICH god turns out to be real. Some of the ancient Greek ones sounded like they had a lot of fun.
  • It would depend on what sort of god he was. There are so many completely conflicting descriptions today - and then possibility that he would turn out to nothing like any of them... I couldn't possibly know without more info. +5
  • If that means the bible is true then I would be very sad and confused.
  • Well, I guess there would be a god in it. If said god had the power over life and death and could make my life here and my eternity nice or nasty depending on my behaviour I guess I'd be following the rules as best I could out of a sense of survival.
  • Don't know. How different would YOUR life be after I kicked the shlt out of that incompetent moron?
  • I think I'd be pretty upset since there is no evidence that there is a God now I can see why people act the way they do...harming one another and so on...If there were a God who let this go on and then showed his face I'd like to have a few words with him.
  • It wouldn't be diffrent that much. Damn Gods hogging the bathroom again.
  • If I found out such, then I'd also find out WHICH religion he/she wanted me to do. Such of mine would be predicated upon that.
  • If it's bible god my first reaction will be "Well goddammit!" That won't be the case..I'm quite sure of it. That drivel was written by old dead priests who wanted everything in Rome for their own.

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