• No it's about answering questions like this that are guaranteed to get you DR'd regardless your answer. But since fools rush in where angels fear to tread, here's your first fool. (Honestly now, was that a question or a sermon? The presuppositional bias came through loud and clear!)
  • None of the above. It's simply that marriage is a union of one woman and one man. No degree of intensity from homosexuals or politicians can make it anything else. Life partnerships/sexual unions between two Lesbians, or two queers, may become a legal civil union, but it IS NOT marriage.
  • none of the above....its what gays want society to think of 'marriage' and 'marriage of same sex'...its okay and right...and to straight's ,its NOT OKAY AND NEVER WILL BE....marriage is a SACRED,CIVILIZED, institution of a MAN AND WOMAN...of family and children... allowing is breaking LAWS....humanly and heavenly...
  • It's an issue of moral panic. Sometimes people need scapegoats for issues, so the fact that America isn't what we want it to be can be blamed on "moral value issues". It's also an issue of the definition of marriage. People have convinced themselves that "natural" marriage is between one man and one woman, but really it's a societal construction, something that we as a society created a long time ago but now take as the truth. Sometimes people try to link this back to religion. While certain people in straight marriages feel that calling unions bound in love between two of the same sex marriage DEVALUES the term marriage, many people involved in loving, longterm same sex relationships feel that not calling their unions marriage DEVALUES their relationship.

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