• I wish at times I had lead a sheltered life. I watched my mother die at 2 and saw many other things I probably should not have seen growing up.
  • Sheltered? No. Lucky to be here? Yes.
  • for the most part yes... My mom busted her ass to make sure that I had a roof over my head... but she would not have been able to do so without the sacrafice my father made for that insurance money that let us keep our house!
  • Sheltered and loved, yes, but not isolated in ignorance. To the best of my knowledge, my parents truthfully answered every question I asked them.
  • For the most part? No! Absolutely not.
  • I guess it's all relative..I mean, I've seen and experienced some pretty screwed up stuff in my life...but when I think of some of the other people in the world you see or hear about and how messed up their lives are...well I guess I have no room to complain.
  • NOOOO! I was ....hmmm, for a lack of better words abandoned at 12, My mom is a drug addict (but loved) My dad is a miserably broken man (but loved) No not sheltered at all, seen more then most actually.
  • No no I havent! I had to live in my car and on the streets two different times when I was younger. I would not know what a sheltered life is.:):)
  • Yea, I lived in the country with my Dad with pretty much nothing or no one close to me. I never knew what drugs were until I got older.
  • nope i didnt, I smoke my first cig when I was 12, I didnt smoke but 1. I started drinking when I was 14 started smoking pot at 15 and started with women at 18. Then found God at 21 and I a much better person now. I even just a year away from Graduating with my BA.
  • In some ways, yes. My family is close and protective. However, as a public performer, I can't be too sheltered. Obvously, I'm out in front of the public a good bit.
  • As a kid, growing up, I wouldn't say I was sheltered but I thing that in many ways I may have sheltered myself. That has very much caught up with me though, Hahaha! LMAO!!!

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