• .........are you serious? Its a picture and its not even showing anything. So what.
  • i really dislike her. but i'm tired of hearing about her.
  • She could not get any lower in my esteem, so it's not really a big deal. Just shows how much she really believes in all the tripe she's spewing.
  • Shows how valuable the "christian" label is and to what extent those who may not be will lie to acquire it.
  • I like Miss California, I like that she speaks her mind. I also think that a lot of people have a skewed view of how Christians should act. Christians are people too and make mistakes while living life. I say go Miss California. More power to her. She is far more popular now, then the one who won the pageant title. Besides I don't see what's so bad about what she said. It's no different from what Obama has said about gay marriage. Everybody loves Obama and he's against gay marrigage. Maybe he should be impeached.
  • May show how valuable the "Christian" label is and to what extent those who may not be will lie to acquire it but I don't think nude photos are that bad and determine whether or not you are a Christian.
  • Not surprised. This is what happens in the Myspace/Facebook era, where everyone plasters their pictures all over the internet. Imagine when this generation starts running for President. The National Enquirer will have a field day.
  • I think she's pretty much a hypocrite, its not like the photo was 20 years old, it looks fairly recent since she only 21. But most Christians dont care. They're like 'Only God may judge us, bleh bleh' But if that model was an open Atheist or Pagan, shit would be different. ((But im bias, i didnt like her when she spoke against gay marriage.))
  • Ted Haggard
  • my 1st reaction...despite people's expectations, christians make mistakes too. my 2nd reaction, not specifically about her but in general...just because people say they are christians does not necessarily mean that they are.
  • So what? Everyone already knows that every Christian has something to hide.
  • This whole affair is a storm in a B cup.
  • get to see her back..:)
  • Topless? Looks like an underwear commercial and you can't really see that much, i.e., no bfd.
  • Peple who wear their religion are the ones I trust LEAST. As far as the nudity in those realms of modeling it'd giving it away to early. If she ahd talemt like the true classy models you'd never see her in anything but high fashion.
  • Considering that I heard this in conjunction with the rest of the news -- that she attributed this to her opponents on the gay marriage issue -- I had a question of AB for my own. "What else will be the gays and the gay supporter be blamed for? Today, making Christian Miss California take her clothes off... Tomorrow.... the world!" UGH! I hate ignorance.
  • I must respectfully disagree with any notion that she has said or done anything 'wrong'. A recent Washington Post/ABC-News poll 49% support gay marriage while 46% oppose it. Both views are mainstream and to disqualify someone in a contest because she is on the 'wrong' side of what is pretty much a brand new fence is bizarre. Mind you, beauty pageants are bizarre anyway. With regard to the 'topless' photo (where I come from topless means you get to actually see breasts) I don't understand what it has to do with anything, unless the point is that it is somehow unchristian to be photographed topless. It isn't. Even if it were, though, what would that have to do with anything at all?
  • Modeling does not include showing the genialia or breasts. That is Pornography. Thats the rub. Also portryinng one's self as spritually above the norm makes her a disappointment. Not to me because I have n respect for anyone who lives off their looks. It's in my opinion a lesser for of prostitution,and sets a terrible example for girls. If you want to be a porn star, do it I could care less I love women. Don't do it while tryinh to titilate men with your tits. Maybe that makes it cleare without a lesson in Modern Cultures.
  • I'm just hearing about it now but my reaction is the same that it would have been... I don't care.
  • I think more Christians should be shown topless rather than thoughtless. I don't care what these "Miss Whatever" do. I just can't believe that anybody cares what they say. Regardless of how the contest is presented, these women are prized for their looks, not intellect or moral turpitude.
  • After the interview at the pageant not much can be expected from this young lady, we now know all she wants is money.
  • HasntBeen, wing.walker and redcatt63 you guys deserve a metal for your post here. A million points each :) I'm sure glad I'm on your side!
  • Don`t feel sorry for her anymore.At first I did.But as more info came out about her I was beginning to wonder.That does it for me.

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